1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Saturday, May 27, 2017

ACE Final Prep

Last Wednesday, Michael came out and we were able to get the stanchions and lifelines on.  Was quite a task getting the nuts on the rear stanchion.

Jenny, Peter, and I met on Sat at 3pm to get the boat ready for delivery on Sun.

We moved the boat over to the gas dock and took EVERYTHING off the boat:

Looked like a yard sale!

Notice how high the water levels are:

Those fenders are floating on the water!
Jenny went nuts with the power washer inside, and vacuumed up the water with a large shop vac.

Meanwhile Peter and I installed the main with its new batten system:

AWESOME sail shape

Once the insides of the boat dried a bit, EVERYTHING was put back on MINUS a garbage bag full of junk to throw out.

Jenny then powerwashed the topsides:

 While Peter and I had some refreshments:
Cast Condom keeping it dry
I washed the hull sides removing the black streaks with a brush and mixture of Tide and CLR.

ACE has NEVER looked so clean inside and out!

We finished just after 8pm and headed over the the Food Truck Frenzy across the bay.

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