1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Hull #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Hull #10506

Sunday, November 27, 2016

C22 Shrink Wrap

Been busy and it has been cold.

On the weekend it was sunny and warm (high 7 degrees C) with not much wind.

Got the frame up on Saturday, and the shrink wrap on with the help of dockmate Scott.

However, the Shrinkwrap gun was in use on Razorbill, so I used it on Sunday to complete it.

Laying the shrinkwrap on

Starboard folded under strings

Starboard shrunk

Port framework
Port folded under strings

Port shrunk

This shows; the framing well using the mast as a ridge pole

Stern wrapped

Stern shrunk

Little Still Time is ready to hibernate.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

CS34 Cover

It was sunny and warm (over 12 degrees C).

Rita and I we determined to get the cover on big Still Time.

While I was getting the frame together Rita was emptying the boat.  This year we are removing all the cushions and storing them in the basement at home.

Loaded up BOTH the truck and car with cushions
Laying out and assembling the frame is a two person job.  The canvas cover zippers into three pieces to make it manageable.

Fitting cover on stern
You can see the bimini frame below the boat

Starboard side


View from the clubhouse
Second boat in
Very easy boat access for the winter.

Motor and water system winterized.

Topped up the batteries with distilled water, and charged them up.

Big Still Time is ready for a sleep.

Friday, November 4, 2016

WYC Swan Haulout

The work crews were busy taking out the remaining docks in the basin for the winter.

I asked them to also take the sailing school's Swan paddle boat out to save us from using the mast crane later.

...and a YouTube video of the lift:


Monday, October 31, 2016

Cleaning Bottoms

Got down to the club to a beautiful sunny afternoon about 10 degrees C, and got the Still Time's bottoms power washed.

The 22 is listing to port on the cradle and will have to be leveled.  I leveled the cradle before I left for BC, but all the cradles in the row of boats had been shifted about 6ft to the east and not leveled..

Also, the port scupper is plugged.

Would have liked to power wash the bottoms shortly after haulout, but could not get there.  The dried bottom scum is harder to get off when it has dried (haulout was over a week ago).  As a result you end up power washing some of your VC-17 bottom paint off.

The Sikaflex 15LM keel joint dressing is starting to come off after 4 seasons, so will have to be re-done in the spring.


Not bad!

Next steps on the 22:

  • empty the sails and cushions
  • take outboard home
  • level the boat
  • unplug scupper
  • build frame and shrink wrap

The CS34 is looking fine:

Next steps on the 34

  • winterize motor
  • winterize water system
  • remove bimini frame
  • remove dodger
  • put up winter frame and cover
  • remove cushions for the winter

ACE come out on Friday.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

ACE De-Masting

We had not been able to sail the deep draft boats since the end of Sept, as the water levels have dropped by as much as 3ft from the spring.

The three deep draft boats ACE (7.2ft), Razorbill (7.5ft), and Grafitti (9ft) are being hauled out next Friday, so we had to get them from their slips on the end of dock 6 to the mast crane.

Razorbill and ACE
There was a strong south wind overnight, that had been pushing water into the harbour resulting in the water level coming up a foot.

Three of us managed to get ACE over to the mast crane taking about 20 minutes at full throttle to plough through the silt.  We did hit a couple of hard clay spots, but just drove around them.

Razorbill drafts another 4" and was turned around the other way, and we could not move her.

We got dockmaster Tony with the club work boat to hook on the bow:

With the 50HP motor, we we able to turn Razorbill around and tow her to the mast crane.

Peter and Leigh on Razorbill
Here is a YouTube video of the process:


We spent the rest of the afternoon taking the sails off, and removing all the running rigging.

We had Mike, Michael, Jenny, Peter, Mark, and Me, so we spent some time taking EVERYTHING out of the boat and giving her a thorough cleaning on the inside.  We got the head pumped out and winterized.    We loaded up two pickup trucks with sails, cushions, and lines, and took them to my place for winter storage.

We got the mast down on all three boats!

...and the two photos stitched together:

Friday, October 28, 2016

WYC Race Marks

One of my last duties as WYC Fleet Captain is to get the race marks in for the winter.

There are 9 marks approximately a mile and a half offshore:

Three of use went out on the race committee boat Tanker Jones.
There was about 10 knots of wind from the north, but it was very cold around 4 degree C.
Dressed up with plenty of layers of clothes, foul weather gear, and a touque.

Flat water with the north wind

Race Officer Paul piloting Tanker Jones

Marks in the cockpit
The marks are in anywhere from 50ft of water (north mark) to 100ft of water (south mark).  It was hard work pulling up over 100ft of chain with a 25lb concrete anchor block.  Basically we had Ken and I pulling the marks with Paul putting the chain in a 5 gallon pail.

Took us a couple of hours.

We could not find mark 5.  In the past couple of weeks, we have had MAJOR storms with strong winds from the SE.  We will have to make up a new barrel, chain, and anchor for next season.

Tanker Jones comes out next Friday, so remaining tasks

  • replace some chain buckets
  • put marks on land
  • remove the canvas
  • remove the flag halyards and mast
  • pump out and winterize the head
  • position the cradle

Saturday, October 22, 2016

CS34 Haulout

I am on vacation in Victoria BC, I will miss haulout.

Can't say that I MISSED it!

Dave Sandford looked after Still Time for me.

She was the 3rd boat lifted out in 30 knots winds!


...and the video from Michael Cullen


CRAZY winds, surprised they are doing the haulout!