1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Hull #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Hull #10506

Thursday, April 27, 2017

C22 Almost Ready to Launch

This week I got the bottom painted:

Next was to take the shrink wrap off.  I am trying to re-use my shrink wrap this year, so I undid the strings at the back, and made a slit and was able to pull the shrink wrap off no trouble:

 Folded up nicely for next season.

Here are some photo of the frame supports for reference next season:

Spent the day washing, buffing and waxing the hull:

Attached the rudder and tiller and painted it:

Need to mount the motor and install docklines and fenders.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

C22 Keel Crack

Time to spackle the keel crack!

First I masked off the area:

Added the Sikaflex 15 LM and faired it out out with a spatula:

Will be good for another 5 years!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

CS34 Ready to Launch

With the bottom already painted, and that refurbished hatch on, I was able to take the cover off:

Also de-winterized the motor:
1007 hours on the motor
Over the next couple of days, I compounded and waxed the hull:

Also cleaned out the anchor locker and put the anchor rode/chain back.

Still need to install the dock lines and fenders.

Big Still Time is ready for the water.

Next step is to get the new lifelines on...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

CS34 Hatch Refurb

The front hatch in the v-birth is the original from the 1990 vintage boat.
The acrylic lens is crazed, and the gaskets are hard and don't seal well.

The bed would be soaked after a hard rain, or you take a wave over the bow in heavy seas.

Tried to get a local company in Napanee (Atkins & Hoyle), but they wanted $700 plus tax and shipping, and did not have a comfort factor with Lewmar hatches.

In February, I shipped my hatch to Select Plastics (Hatch Masters) in Conneticut.

Cost me $26CAN to ship it.

They replaced the lens with some smoked acrylic plexiglass and put in some new gasket material.

Took almost 8 weeks as they are busy in the off season and have a backlog.

Got it back today and it looks excellent.

Protective paper on it.

Look great, well worth the $319US to get it done.

I took the hatch over to Roula at Dreamcast Canvas for her to pattern a sunbrella cover to keep the sunshine out and give us a little privacy in the v-birth when at the dock.

I have not been able to take the cover off of Still Time without the hatch.

The only boat in my row that has not removed their cover.

This weekend, so we can start working on the cleaning and waxing the hull before launch, which is the week after that.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

ACE Mast Instruments

Got to installing the mast instruments yesterday.

Had to fish a wire down the mast from the tree to the bulkhead.

Wind 28 degrees port
Boat Speed 0.0
Wind Speed 8.0 knots
Heading 274

View from cockpit
Worked like a charm.

Monday, April 17, 2017

ACE Rigid Boom Vang Repair

The rigid boom vang on ACE has needed some attention since we got her three seasons ago.  The vang is supposed to support the boom when taking the main down.  The boom would drop over a foot when you let the main halyard off.  VERY DANGEROUS.

Took the screws out of the vang to expose the gas shock inside:

Lower portion

Upper portion
The gas shock was toast; bone dry:

No resistance at all
Went to Princess Auto and found a gas shock with the same size travel and size for $13 with tax.

Was able to re-use the connectors on the ends from the old one.

That was a cheap and easy fix!


The gas shock is rate for 47lb of force.
It is NOT enough to support the boom.

It doesn't crash down when you release the halyard, but comes down none the less.

Just ordered from a company in Saskatoon, a gas lift shock with 220lb of lifting force.
Should have in a couple of days.
$50 + tax + shipping

Sunday, April 16, 2017

ACE Floor Boards

I had taken the ACE's floor boards home to refinish in the off season.

The teak and holly boards (7 of them) are a veneer that is very thin.
Using a chemical stripper is not an option because it is so thin.
Had to hand scrape them with a carbide scrapper from Lee Valley Tools.

Took several hours for each board over the last month.

Half scraped
The boards are in rough shape.  Water in the bilge behind the boards had worked it way behind the finish and turned it white.  Salt water didn't help.

Put four coats of Minwax Marine Polyurethene on the topside and three on the back, with a sand with 220 grit sandpaper between each coat.

Turned out pretty good!

The boards are little discoloured but turned out very good!