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Sail #8268

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Sail #10506

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Sail # 29206

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sailing School Shark Great White

This spring I put my name in and to become a Sail Canada "Start Keelboat Sailing" instructor.

What better way to supplement my retirement income than doing something I love?

Tonight was my first lesson.

Took student Ian out for his second lesson.  We rigged the sailing school Shark Great White at the dock with a #3 jib and a reefed main.  Winds were 10-15 knots from the NW.

We got out there and it was the perfect amount of sail; the boat was so balanced, I could take my hand off the tiller for extended periods.  In the puffs, just let out the main (or drop the traveler).

We went over
  • parts of the boat
  • safety equipment requirements
  • departure checklist
  • knots
  • rigging the boat
  • putting in a reef
  • heaving to
  • points of sail
  • tacking/gybing
  • crew overboard drills (TONS of them)
Ian did well, and took the helm for a bit.

We shook the reef out after a while as the wind diminished.

We came in as the sun was setting.  The motor konked out, and we had to sail up the channel.  Turns out I did not open the fuel vent. 

Great night on the water.

Trip Odometer: 13.59 miles
Avg Speed: 4.8 knots
Max Speed: 8.1 knots
Moving Time: 02:49:00

Google Earth Track

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