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Saturday, October 10, 2015

ACE Shark Delivery

Whitby Yacht Club has purchased three Sharks from National Yacht Club.  They will be used for the adult sailing school, and also used for race instruction.  The idea is to have a fleet of Sharks at the club (this makes seven Sharks at the club).

Boating Education director Steve arranged to have a couple sailing instructors and three members of the junior race team to come out to deliver them back.

10 of us went on the GO train to Union Station:

This stop Union Station

We took the Porter shuttle to the Island Airport Terminal and walked to National.

Also included in our purchase was the entire contents of the "Shark Tank", sails, booms, cushions, gas tanks, and misc hardware.  The kids loaded the entire contents into Steve's truck.  We also loaded the three cradles for the Sharks on a trailer.

Group shot with cradles on trailer.

L-R Great White, Predator, Hercules
The kids rigged the three Sharks, and got them ready to sail.

Since we had tons of skippers and crew for each boat, I decided to use the opportunity to deliver ACE back to Whitby Yacht Club for winter storage.  WYC Shark sailors Andrew and Jeanette agreed to come with me on ACE.  We had a nice lunch in the NYC clubhouse.

NYC Shark Chair Ken took some time to familiarize the kids with the boats.  He was very helpful and knowledgable.  Ken took us to the local gas station to get some fresh fuel (gas for the boats, and subs for the kids)

Commodore Berry drove Steve's truck with the trailer back to WYC.

We pushed off a little after 1:30pm, but really didn't get out of the Harbour until after 2pm.  Winds were light 7-8 knots from the south, right where we needed to go around Toronto Island.  They tried to sail around the island, but I think the winds were I think above the height of the Shark masts.  We could get ACE going between 5 and 6 knots, but the Sharks could only do 2-3 knots.

It is 28 miles from NYC to Whitby.  At 2-3 knots, it would take a LONG time to make the journey.  Wanted to get everyone home and docked before dark.

There were some problems with the motors on two of the Sharks (Great White and Hercules).  They would start, but stall out after a while.  Probably just gummed up carburators and/or filters.

Ken took his Shark Pnendor out to tow Great White around the Island:

Andrew on the helm

In the meantime, Predator towed Hercules.

Just past the Leslie Street spit, we said good bye to Ken, and tried to sail for a while.  ACE had no trouble doing over 6 knots, but the Shark's not so much.   Predator resumed towing Hercules, and we hooked up a long tow line on Great White.  We could do between four and five knots under sail towing Great White.  After a while the winds were dropping, and swung slightly to the west, allow us to fly a chute:

6.63 knots towing a Shark!

Thanks Andrew and Jeanette!

We towed them for over 10 miles.  When we got past the Pickering Nuclear Plant, the winds/waves were building, and we were starting to round up; regularly going over 8 knots.  We had lost sight of the other two, so it was time to drop the tow.  Great White was able the sail the final 5 miles.  We went back to escort the other two home.

Heading back to Predator and Hercules
They were sailing along just fine!

Steve was cheating with the motor

It was starting to get dark, so we sailed to Whitby under Main and Genoa, and were regularly doing between 9 and 10 knots!  We went into Whitby Harbour, and dropped our sails and went back out to tow Hercules in.  It was getting windy (maybe 20 knots) and wavy.

Click for bigger
Coming back with them in tow, the Shark was bouncing all over place, and waves were breaking over the open transom of ACE.  We docked safely at visitor's dock and got the boats organized.

We arrived at 8:20, and it was very dark.

The kids on the race team did a great job on Hercules!

Mission accomplished
  • Sharks delivered
  • ACE delivered
  • Shark cradles delivered
  • Shark tank parts delivered
  • Race team kids sailing a keel boat for the first time
Was a great day, but a long one.

Trip Odometer: 36.19 miles
Moving Average: 5.2 knots
Max Speed: 10.3 knots
Moving Time: 06:56:00

Google Earth Track: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/2015/20151010.kmz

Click for bigger

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