1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CS34 Ready to Splash

Got down to the club a little after 7pm
  • moved aluminum frames out from under cradle
  • trimmed anchor drain hoses
  • attached clam shells to anchor drains
  • put anchor road/chain back in locker
  • took boom off the deck (put below)
  • attached bow/stern lines
  • attached fenders
  • finished the Still Time decal on transom
Examples of boot stripe decal overlay:

Looks great!

 Rita and I are off to Holland tomorrow for two weeks.

So looking forward to it!

Monday, April 15, 2013

CS34 Almost Ready

Got the engine ready to take the antifreeze out.  Still Time has an adapter pipe that attaches to the raw water strainer to siphon fresh water into the cooling system. This is a two person operation, so onto fixing the damaged boot strips

This spot was from the wall at Cobourg last year
There were about 10 spots on the teal and gold strips that were damaged.  Just overlayed the decal material over the damaged area.  Took my time and it looked pretty good.  Sorry no after photos.

Also opened the engine cooling sea cock.

The sealant on the anchor drains is not completely set.

Rita came by and we started the motor.  The exhaust water went into a pipe and into a bucket.  Ran the engine until the water coming out of the exhaust was clear (no more anti freeze in it).  Put the old glycol into the shed for re-cycling.

We also placed the decals for the rear transom.  Ran out of light to finish attaching "Still Time"

Couple of thing left to do:
  • move aluminum frames out from under cradle
  • trim anchor drain hoses
  • attach clam shells to anchor drains
  • put anchor/road back in locker
  • take boom off the deck
  • attach bow/stern lines

C22 Rudder Cracks

Stress cracks at the lower pintle:

Hmmm, too much heavy weather sailing last year.

May be time for a new rudder.

C22 Ready for Launch

Got the motor mounted

Looks great! 
Because it is air cooled, I was able to start it up.

Put the refinished crib boards (see above picture)

Added bow and stern lines.

Cleaned up all the junk underneath.

Put the two year old shrink wrap in the recycle bin.

Like how the tiller raises in the cockpit

Tiller cover will keep the new tiller looking nice!
Little Still Time is now ready to go in the water!

However, she is not ready to sail
  • Attach/re-bed new jib tracks
  • Attach/re-bed stem fitting with new backer plate
  • Mount cabin top winches
  • Mount deck organizers

Sunday, April 14, 2013

C22 Wax

Got to the little boat at around 3pm; it was much warmer, the sun was even shining.

Washed the hull with spray nine, then used the 3M combination cleaner/wax.  Turned out not bad, but decided to use the new 3M liquid wax too.

Turned out really well!

Removed the mast and mounted the rudder and new tiller.

Did notice that the rudder has some stress cracks along the lower pintel.  Uh oh!

Things left to do before launch:
  • Clean up stuff under boat
  • Take shrink wrap away
  • Mount Motor
  • Bring refinished crib boards

CS34 Wax

It was cold and wet, with a strong north wind.  NASTY.

Worked inside the boat with the heater on.

Replaced the kinked deck wash hose.  Ended up putting an elbow in to have less stress on the hose.

Left is the shore power connector
Center is the electric windlass
Right is the deck wash connector

V-Birth very clean

Cleaned all the teak in V-Birth with Murphy's Oil Soap and then treated it with lemon oil.

It was now warm enough to move outside.  Got new hoses sika flexed in the anchor locker. They are sticking out about 2" and will be trimmed when the sealant dries.

Next washed and compounded the transom.  Used the new wax that I won during the 3M presentation at Winter sail a couple of weeks ago.  It is a liquid wax that you apply with a sponge in circles, wait until it dries to a haze, then buffed it with a new wool pad on the DeWalt polisher.

I was so pleased with the results I decided to do the entire boat


Things left to do before launch
  • install decals on transom
  • fix damaged side stripes
  • remove engine antifreeze
  • put cover frames away in the yard
  • put bimini frame away from under boat
There's Still Time!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

CS34 Anchor Locker Drains

With a break in the snow/rain I went to the boat.

Water was still leaking into the bilge.

Took the stainless covers off of the drain holes near the bow.

Starboard anchor drain

Port Anchor drain
The port anchor drain hose had deteriorated and was allowing the water from the anchor locker to drain inside the boat!

On the inside I have to take out two shelves and a large piece of fiberglass to get to the hoses.

Will do on the weekend with some help.


Winter storm warning in effect

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CS34 Leaks

The CS34 has been bone dry all winter.   Last night was the first rain since we took the cover off.  I checked the bilge under the galley sink, and there is 1" of water in there; something is leaking.

The bilges are shallow on the boat and compartmentalized in small sections that drain into each other ultimately leading to the bilge sump pump.

Don't think it is the windows.

We are suppose to get MAJOR rains in the next two days.

Going to head to the boat after work and remove the salon ceiling panels to troubleshoot the leaks.  Perhaps there will be some evidence of leaking.

This needs to be fixed before we put our new cushions on the boat.


Spent a couple of hours on the boat last night, and it was raining HARD the entire time.

I loosened/removed all of the ceiling panels and panels hiding the toe rail bolts in the interior cabinets.  I put paper towels in various spots and monitored for water coming in through the hull/deck joint; I could not find any leaks.  Sticking my head deep under the galley sink using a flashlight, I could see water trickling in between the outer hull and inner liner. 

Where is it coming in? Went forward to the V-Birth and removed all the plywood covers and fiberglass liners.  Low and behold there was 2" of fresh water under there, as well as evidence of water stains from water that had long evaporated.  Smelled very "boaty" under there.  Water was leaking from the anchor locker into the hull beneath the V-Birth and down to the bilge.  

Think the hose for the anchor locker drain is split.  Should be an easy fix.

Got all the chain and rode out of the locker

Next steps:
  • remove all the anchor chain/rode from the locker
  • clean out the locker
  • look for leaks
  • replace the drain hose
  • replace the deck wash hose
  • clean up water stains under the V-Birth
  • test for leaks one more time

Sunday, April 7, 2013

CS34 Cover Off and Wax Hull

Weather was supposed to be rainy but warm, 12 degrees.  Turned out it didn't rain, had some sun, and was a perfect day for getting the cover/frame off and clean/polish/wax the hull.

The cover came off without issue; we folded the three parts of canvas by the clubhouse and put in the car to take home.  The frame was disassembled with the help of Colin.

With Rita washing in front of me, I use a combination polish and wax and the hull came out really nice

Did not do the transom, and it has to be buffed out and waxed.

Also mounted the angle guard

The completion of this can wait until after launch.

The only things left to do before launch are:
  • fix gel coat ouch on bow
  • polish/wax transom
  • another coat of wax
  • de-winterize engine
  • de-winterize water

Thursday, April 4, 2013

CS34 Electrical

The power at the docks at Whitby Yacht Club are 15 amp twist lock.  I had made up a pigtail to adapt the 15 amp twist lock to the 30 amp twist lock on the boat.  Works fine.  Sometimes I wish WYC had more power at the docks, as I have popped the breaker a couple of times running the ceramic heater running and the water heater would kick in!

However, when the boat is on the hard, all the circuits are regular 15 amp GFCI outlets.

So, I made up a 15 amp twist lock to regular adapter.

Much cheaper than buying a 30amp to 15amp marine pigtail ($70!).  $18 for twist lock plug from Home Depot and used some wire and regular plug I had around the house.

CS34 Interior Cushions

Took all the cushions off the boat; the salon (nine), V-birth (three), and aft cabin (three), and loaded the into van to be recovered.  A lot of cushions!

The original cushions are in not bad shape, but dated, and the V-birth and aft cabin ones are stained and uncomfortable.  Will certainly update the look inside. Trying also to get rid of the "boaty" smell, so new foam should help.

Marilyn from Maribay designs is going get new foam made up, and recover with some fabric we are going to choose on the weekend.  They will be completed while we are in Holland, ready to be put on the boat when we get back and launch her.

Here is the fabric that we chose:


Got a note from Durk that MacIntosh is now in the water:

She is a Cartwright 44

Length: 44 ft
Beam: 12.4 ft
Draft: 6 ft
Weight: 24,000 LBS

On July 7th, six of us will be racing in the Marblehead to Halifax offshore race.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

C22 Tiller, Strap, and Cover

Ordered a tiller, strap, and cover from Catalina Direct for less money including shipping and brokerage fees than what a tiller costs from WestMarine.

The Tiller and strap are actually for a Catalina 25; I like how the tiller angles up.  Sometimes the old straight tiller would get caught up on lines, cockpit seats, and limbs!

The U shaped stainless tiller strap is very beefy, and will clean up the rudder slop that the old tiller and straps had.  I priced out some rough stainless to make this part, it would have cost over $30 just for the stainless.  It would still have to be bent, drilled, and polished.

The sunbrella cover will keep the tiller looking nice.

Will return the other tiller to WestMarine.

As a bonus, I just realized that I now have a backup tiller.  Was always my todo list, but falling off!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Teak Refinishing

It was snowing today! Good thing I got the bottoms done on the boats.

Went in the garage and sanded the teak companionway boards for the C22 and the cockpit table for the CS34

Got the first coat of Cetol on one side.