1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CS34 Position

Camera shot of chart plotter on the CS34:

Click for bigger
She will be launched on Saturday.

C22 Rudderless

Interesting article about a sailor with a Catalina 22 on the west coast in Washington who lost his rudder.


This could very easily had happened to Still Time.


The 41 foot yacht that I race on in Toronto is called Coug.

Coug was designed in the late 70s and built by Andy Wiggers in Bowmanville.
Coug was the first sailboat that Wiggers had ever built.

In 1982 the boat won the Canada Cup.

Fast forward to today, Coug is in severe disrepair and requires
approximatly $30k of upgrades to continue racing.
Sadly because of her rating handicap, even with upgrades she would not
be competitive.

Fittingly, she will be sold back to Wiggers, who will part her out and cut her up.

On cradle at CBYC

Here is her last lift at CBYC: http://youtu.be/CZoJY23uAnA

UPDATE: Coug was NOT scrapped; she was sold to a buyer and is kept at Lake Shore Yacht Club!


Monday, April 28, 2014

MUMM36 Introducing ACE

For the past several years I have sailed on 41ft boat called Coug which is now retired.

I have decided to go in (1/5th owner) on its replacement:


ACE has a PHRF of 42.  The MUMM 36 is a modern boat for being 20 years old.  She is unbeatable upwind, and will do 18 knots of boat speed downwind in heavy air under spinnaker.

She has a brand new set of sails including heavy #1, light #1, main, and reaching spinnaker.

She will be kept at National Yacht Club.

We plan on racing her in IRC regattas on the lake and the Whitby 50.

Next year we plan to do the Chicago Mackinac.

Let the fun begin, as she is being trucked up from Maryland on Wednesday.

Still Time for the Walls

Rita got a couple of things framed last weekend.

Click for larger version
Clockwise from top left:

  1. Little Still Time autographed by Ron Sexsmith in 2010.
  2. Watercolour from my daughter in Little Still Time for my 50th birthday
  3. Big Still Time autographed by Ron Sexsmith in 2013.
  4. Little Still Time photo of John and I.
  5. Poster autographed by Ron Sexsmith.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

CS34 Rudder Position Sensor

The new autopilot has inputs for a rudder position sensor, so I got one; apparently the autopilot performs better with it.  It also lets the autopilot knows the limits of rudder travel.  The autopilot commissioning routine showed that the rudder moves 38 degrees to port and starboard.

Plus, the rudder angle is displayed on the autopilot control head.

I fabricated an addition on the rudder post out of plexiglass and angle brackets.  I screwed the sensor to a small piece of plywood, and used construction adhesive to glue to the bottom of the cockpit with some wood screws.

Works great!

This still picture shows the rudder in center position

Saturday, April 26, 2014

CS34 Transmission Seal

Got to the club a little after 3pm and met my friend Dave Rodgers.

Took a couple of hours to get it done.

Still have to fill the transmission with oil.

Really need to clean up the mess made by the oil leaking past the seal and spraying in the engine compartment.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

CS34 Sail Measurement

Also got the genoa and main measured on Big Still Time for a PHRF certificate



Genoa measured to 135%

The Sailcare repairs look excellent!

PHRF certificate: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/2014/PHRF-CS34.pdf

C22 Sail Measurement

At the end of last season I bought a used genoa for the Catalina 22.  Had to get it measured for my PHRF certificate for a racing handicap.

Andrew and Jamie measuring the LP of the genoa

Old #1 on top of the New #1
Well, it turns out that the new #1 calculates out to 159%.
The maximum genoa size (without penalty) is 155%.
So, my handicap number will be adjusted down.

BTW, the old #1 calculated out to 145%

I also wanted to measure my spinnaker to get a flying sail rating.
The spinnaker is a little oversized.
So, my handicap number will be adjusted down further.

PHRF Cert: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/2014/PHRF-C22.pdf

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CS34 Scuppers

Over the long weekend I got the scupper hoses all cut and dry fitted.
Also installed side deck scuppers that T into the main scupper lines.
Pictures to follow

Working in the rear transom of the boat is TERRIBLE!
Just enough room to squeeze myself between all the hoses and rudder:

CS34 Instruments

Got the Raymarine Evolution autopilot Actuator Control Unit (ACU) and EV1 sensor installed in the starboard cockpit locker:

Sans cover

Avec cover

Nice install, out of the way, but with easy access to all the cabling.

Also custom spliced a spur cable to run from the locker to the bulkhead:

Ready to mount on bulkhead
 Just used cat5 cable with solder and shrink wrap tubing.

Nice to now have a heading sensor:

The depth/speed/wind instruments won't work until the boat is in the water and the mast is up.  The temperature of the hull was however 10.6 degrees celcius.

Things still to do on the instruments
  1. mount i70 on bulkhead
  2. mount p70 on NAVPOD
  3. mount remote VHF mike on NAVPOD
  4. power to autopilot
  5. cable drive unit on wheel (using old one)
  6. rudder position sensor (ready to install)
  7. install fuse panel
  8. cleanup wiring under pedestal
  9. cleanup wiring in nav station

Friday, April 18, 2014

CS34 Transmission Seal

With the help of my buddy Dave Rodgers who used to be a mechanic, we were able to disconnect the shaft seal and move the prop shaft back about 6 inches.

With a bit a persistence, we were able to extract the rear transmission seal.

Transmission is actually very small

Oil leaking from transmission
You can really see how the oil was leaking past the seal and splattering.  Gotta get this cleaned up.

Will pickup a new seal next week.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

CS34 Pull Through Hulls

Next thing that has to be done before the CS34 can go in the water is to remove and replace the scupper through hulls.


Coming Loose!

Puller worked great, but did have to heat up the sealant with a heat gun for it to come out!

Thanks Mark and Peter, who helped me.

I placed the new ones in loosely:


Add caption
Will mount permanently this week.

CS34 Bottom Paint

Sunday, big Still Time bottom paint.

Doing this a little out of order, as I would normally wash/wax the sides, and remove the cover, but I need the cover on to add the deck scuppers.

Bottom took about 3 hours and 1 1/2 of VC17.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

C22 Bottom Paint

Next was bottom paint on little Still Time.

Took a couple of hours, and use about 1 can of VC17.

Looks GREAT!

With the bottom painted and rudder hung, she is ready to hit the water.

Still lots to do:
  • attach tiller
  • attach autopilot
  • clean/wax sides
  • clean insides
  • mount motor
BEFORE she goes in the water.

Purple Martin Houses

Earlier in the morning, I had to go up in the bucket of the Hydro truck to reset the router that was about 60ft up in the air on a tower.

View from Bucket

View of Crane putting in docks

John Schultz was saying that the Purple Martins are migrating from central America and were spotted in huge flocks in Niagara on the Lake on Friday night.  We had to get the houses out or miss out on birds that will eat several thousand mosquitos every night!

I had to go into the bucket with a safety harness, and bring the house up about 50ft in the air and bolt it to the top of the pole.  As I was mounting it, there were already several martins squawking and dive bombing me!

Pretty kewl!

C22 Gudeons and Rudder

21 days until launch, I am focusing on things that are required to get the boats in the water.
Beautiful weather on Saturday meant, time to get the new rudder hung.


Old gungeons removed:

Looking good!
Butyl Tape (top)
Gudgeon (bottom)
Doubled up the butyl tape
New Rudder Hung
Was a little eventful because the top gudgeon screws into a threaded bar that is between two fiberglass panels with a clearance of about 1/2".  I had to be very careful not to have the bar drop out from between the panels. With the gudgeon all gooped up with butyl tape, I put in the starboard screw and felt/heard the bar rotate!  I had to get some help from someone at the club to screw the 1/4" stainless screws while I positioned the bar with a screw driver from inside the port locker!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tanker Jones

Tanker Jones is the race committee boat for the Whitby Yacht Club.

As part of my responsibilities as Fleet Captain, I have to get her ready to into the water on Friday.

Wednesday after work, I spent a couple of hours power washing the bottom and sides.
She was filthy!

Thursday after work I painted the bottom with VC17 bottom paint, while Brad Smith help me out by compounding the sides.  What a difference!

Thanks Brad!

Tanker Jones is a 28 foot lobster boat from the east coast.  It was donated to the Whitby Yacht Club in the 1970s by a previous Commodore "Tanker Jones".  What an excellent asset to the club.

On Friday morning she went into the water.

About to SPLASH!

50th Birthday Still Time Water Colour

For my 50th birthday in February, my daughter got a water colour of me and her on Still Time last year.  It was done by an artist from a photo snapped by Walter Pingle.

I love it and mounted it on the wall with a couple of other little Still Time Photos:

The artist captured the moment on the water!

I am a little tardy on posting this to the blog, but I have been busy.

Thanks Melissa!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

CS34 Transmission Seal

The rear transmission seal on Big Still Time is leaking and spraying oil when in rear cabin.It is not a large leak, but noticeable.  I checked the oil level in the transmission, and it does NOT appear to be down.

The seal needs to be replaced before launch:


Looks like an easy enough job.

Monday, April 7, 2014

CS34 Homemade Through Hull Puller

Fashioned a puller from some stuff I had around the workshop.

From outside the boat, you remove the nut/washer from the top, insert the threaded rod up through the through hull.  Attach the washer and nut and tighten with a wrench.

CS34 Scupper Hose

Picked up 9ft each of 1 1/2" AND 3/4" sanitation hose.

Large was $4 per ft, while the smaller was $2 per ft.

Too nasty out tonight to do any work on the boat.

Talking to my dock mate marine surveyor Dave Sandford, he figures that the neoprene hoses they used back in the day get saturated with water over the years.  In the winter, the hoses crack when frozen.  He found that same thing was happening on his CS30 and CS36 Merlin.

CS34 Reducing Tee for Scuppers

On the weekend I got together the parts to replace all the scupper hoses, through hulls, and add deck scuppers. 

Deck scupper, reducing tee, and through hull

Will pickup the hoses hopefully this afternoon

The deck scupper will be added between the stern cleat and the fuel fill fitting:

Above deck

Below deck
Locating the deck scupper here will kinda hide it behind the mooring lines, and the deck will drain more freely.

I don't think the deck is cored here, so should be a fairly easy install.

Getting the old and broken through hulls out was not easy.  Access is very limited. Had to use a heat gun to loosen the chalking to take the nuts off (thanks for the suggestion Tony!). 

Fashioned a homemade puller using some stuff I had in the workshop.