1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

MUMM36 ZAMBONI First Wed Race

I got down to the boat in mid afternoon (avoiding rush hour traffic).

Attempted to install the 2nd lithium house battery and swap out the 70lb AGM starter battery with a small, lightweight lithium unit:

House lithium on left
Starter AGM on right
Starter lithium on bottom left

I could not get 6GA battery cables to reliably connect to the terminals on the lithium start battery.
Will try at home again with some ferrells before swapping in the AGM for lithium.

Hooked up the DC-DC Charger and the AC Charger.
All working fine.

We had only four of us:

  • Michael (helm)
  • Kris (bow)
  • Phil (main)
  • Me (runner/jib)

We left the dock a little before 6pm.

One mile course was setup to Gibraltar mark.

Winds were light 5-7 knots, fairly flat seas.

We flew the masthead chute on the 2 downwind legs.
Our hoists and douses were pretty good.
The first gybe was a bit of a disaster, backing the spinnaker inside the foretriangle, but we recovered quickly.  The rest of the gybes went smoothly. 

We did have the top main batten pop out.
Luckily the tensioner fell on deck instead of in the water!

We finished 3rd across the line, but were 9th of 12 boats in corrected time

Very good considering we only had 4 people.

Flaking the main coming in NYC:

Left my phone tracking app running for the drive home:

Traffic was not too bad at all!

Saturday, May 7, 2022


On Friday, Michael and Phil enlarged the mast hole to accommodate the enlarged mast partner casting.
They had to dig out some rotten balsa core and replace it with some closed cell foam buttered up with some thickened epoxy.

Michael, Phil, and I got down to NYC around 10 to make sure the repair had cured.

We got the mast prepped, installing lines, windex, wind instrument, and such

We got the mast up very quickly (a total of maybe 15 minutes).

We spent the next several hours:
  • tuning the rig
  • running lines back
  • rigging backstay
  • running backstays
  • mainsheet
  • boomvang

Still lots to do before we can sail her.

We had a nice lunch in the NYC clubhouse.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

MUMM36 ZAMBONI Mast Repair

Klacko spars fixed the mast very quickly.

There was a problem with the construction of the mast.
The mast is 55ft long, and has a weld just below the partners (about 6ft from the base).
The bottom 8ft of the mast is sleeved with a smaller aluminum extrusion.

The welding at this joint had failed.

Klacko separated the weld, re-sleeved with a thicker extrusion, re-welded the joint, and added some 1/4" plates at the front and rear of the mast so it won't happen again.

Brother in law Hans met Phil and Tim mid morning:

We unloaded the mast to some saw horses in preparation for putting the mast up next week.

These photos show the re-inforcement plates welded to the mast:

Since the mast is larger front to back with these plates, Klacko also had to modify the mast partner casting:

We will have to enlarge the mast hole at the partners to accommodate this.

Klacko also modified the mast step to accept a mast jack back (see above), as well as added some mainsail feeders:

We have had trouble raising the main from day one.  The bolt rope keeps on popping out of the track.  These feeders should help enormously!

Friday, April 22, 2022

CS34 New Cradle

Still Time has a 4 pad cradle.  It sits on the cradle such that the back pads don't have any travel on them, so I haven't been able to paint under the pads.

A used cradle designed specifically for a CS34 came up on Kijiji.

This is a 7 pad cradle; one extra pad to support the bow.
The cradle was located in Wiarton, about 4 hours away, so I was lamenting the logistics of getting the cradle back to Whitby.

My friend Scott was shipping his Aloha 28 from WYC (Wiarton Yacht Club) to WYC (Whitby Yacht Club) this season.  The shipping company was able to fit the folded cradle on the truck to bring it to Whitby.

We used the Hydro truck to move the cradle off the truck:

Scott needs a folding cradle for his Aloha 28, so I think he can use the old folding cradle.

CS34 Boat Prep

Brother in law Hans was visiting from Victoria BC.

The two of us spent the day at the club.

First we went to the 22:

  • Took the shrink wrap off
  • Took the PVC frames off
  • Washed/waxed the hull
  • mounted the rudder
  • painted the bottom

Took about 2 hours; she is now ready for the water!

We then moved onto the 34:

  • Taking the cover off
  • Taking the frames off
  • Washing the hull  
  • Buffing the hull
  • Waxing the hull
  • de-winterized the engine
  • mounted the folding wheel

Took about 3 hours, and she is now ready for the water!

Thanks Hans, in 5 hours, we accomplished what would have take 3-4 days by myself!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

MUMM36 ZAMBONI Mast Transport

My brother in law Hans from Victoria drove to National in the morning after rush hour.

Tim from Klacko came around 11am, and Phil, Hans, and me got it loaded on the specialty trailer:

It was only a couple of degrees Celcius, and the wind was howling off the lake.

Still going to need that snowblower!

After about half an hour, Tim was on his way with our mast for repair!

Sunday, April 17, 2022

MUMM36 ZAMBONI Bottom Paint

With National Yacht Club's launch only a week away, it was time to get the bottom painted on race boat ZAMBONI.

Phil and I got down to the boat mid morning, and started by sanding any rough spots, wiping down the entire bottom of the boat, and masking off the waterline.

Took about two hours to paint the bottom with VC17.

We put two coats on the bow section, keel and rudder.
Turned out pretty well.

We also ground down the sail drive:

...and applied some aluminum etching enamel primer.

ZAMBONI's mast is 3 years new.
When taking it down last fall, we noticed that the mast is cracked front and back at the partners:

The mast manufacturer Klacko will be picking it up next week for repair:

Phil and wrestled the mast down from the racks and removed the forestay.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

CS34 Bottom Paint

Spent the afternoon getting the bottom painted with VC-17.

First sanded out the repair before using ONE CAN of bottom paint for the entire boat.

Turned out pretty well.

You can see the repair a little bit.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

CS34 Anchor Ouch Repair

Launch is only two weeks away.

The weather has been shit all spring.  Colder and wetter than normal.
Anytime I have made it down to work on the boat there has been a cold wind chilling my bones.

It was time to repair the damage a partially deployed anchor did:


Here is the damage:

I went to Port Whitby Marine supplies and they only had Grey cans of Interprotect 2000e.
Really wanted white, but they can't get it in.  

A quart of 2000e is like $50, but I only need a couple of ounces for this repair.

I sanded out the damage extending well beyond the area.

In this photo you can see the grey Interprotect, and then the white Interprotect layer below it.
Just sanded to the gelcoat in the middle.

I happened to walk by Al and Linda who were mixing up a gallon on white Interprotect to apply their final coat on their hull.   I asked if I could "bum" a couple of ounces if they had any left over.

Linda came over later with a paint tray with enough to do 3 coats on my repair.

Thanks Al and Linda!

Taped off the waterline in preparation for VC-17 bottom paint, but it started raining hard.

Hopefully get it done tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

CS34 Winter Cover Snow Buildup

Fellow WYC member Doug Morgan texted me saying I should get down to the boat to address the accumulation of snow on the cover. 

With the 2ft dump of snow we had on Monday, nothing was on the cover when I checked on Tuesday afternoon.  Well overnight it warmed up from -22C to around 0C, and we got another 2" of heavy snow.

Accumulation from the inside:

Was able to knock it off with a hockey stick I had in my truck.

We are supposed to get freezing rain tonight and the additional weight of the snow and ice would for sure have damaged the cover!

Thanks Doug!