1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Sunday, August 31, 2014

WYC East Beach Corn Roast

For the past two years on the Sunday of the Labour Day weekend, Whitby Yacht Club has hosted a corn roast on their east beach.  WYC members Walter and Colleen Pingle from Pingle's Farm Market supplied and cooked the corn.  Walter picked the corn himself earlier in the day.

The weather was great, and the corn, the best!

Thanks Walter and Colleen!

Aw Shucks Rita

90 people showed up

My daughter Melissa (right) came too

Farmer (and sailor) Wally

Rita's Mom and Bogart

Awesome sunset

Saturday, August 30, 2014

GO to Toronto

Next on the agenda was to get my car back from EYC.

We parked Rita's car at the Whitby GO Station and headed WEST by GO Train.

Coming into Union Station, we saw the Distillery District and decided to give it a GO.


What a great place to GO.

Selfie at Mill Street brew pub

Works for me
Lots of shops and tents with artists setup.

Picked up a Christmas gift for my daughter.

We got back on the GO train at Union Station, just as the Jays game got out; very crowded!

We took a cab from Mimico station to EYC and had a drink in the bar.

We then headed to a restaurant in Etobicoke for dinner.


Excellent food!

What a great day, even though we didn't step on a sailboat!

Friday, August 29, 2014


With the boat and car in Etobicoke Yacht Club, the plan was for Rita to come by GO Train on the Friday night and we would cruise to Hamilton, or Niagara on the Lake.

Looking at the weather forecast with rain and thunderstorms for Saturday and Sunday, we decided not to, so I set out singlehanded to deliver the boat back to Whitby.

Heading out of EYC Harbour, winds were on the nose 20+ knots.  I just motored to the other side of Toronto Island.

Toronto off the beam
The waves were between 4 and 6 feet, not very comfortable.  The maximum speed I could muster under motor was 4 knots.

Once I got out past the Leslie Street Spit, I set up a double reefed main and unfurled about 100% of the jib on a port tack.

I purposely stayed way out in the hopes that I could tack to starboard and make it to Whitby under sail.

Pointing at Whitby

Toronto at sunset

Pointing close hauled to Whitby without the engine, I was only only able to make 3.5 knots of boat speed in the wind and waves.  I sailed out a little further, so that I would be a close reach and be able to sail 40 degrees to the wind for more power in the sails.

My speed increased to over 6.5 knots, and I was able to drop the engine RPMs down to 1,500. Without the engine, I could only do about 5.0 knots of boat speed on sails alone.  Heel was only about 15 degrees.  I just wanted to get home.

Got back into my slip in Whitby at 10:30pm.

Trip Odometer: 30.85 miles
Moving Average: 6.1 knots
Moving Time: 05:01:38

Track: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/2014/20130829.kmz

Thursday, August 28, 2014

CS34 Toronto Cruise with Work

I have been working all week in our Etobicoke office on a new project to implement a software system.  To travel to Etobicoke for Whitby or Bowmanville is at least 90 minutes each way (even though is is only 45km) Damn traffic!

So, Still Time was my hotel, and 4.1km commute to the office was only a 10 minute drive INCLUDING a stop at Tim Hortons drive through.

I invited the guys I was working with out for a sail after work:

  • Chris from our company
  • Peter from EMC (Charlotte NC)
  • Phil from BMC (UK)
  • Derek from BMC (UK)

Winds were about 15 knots from the North (perfect).  
After some Scottish Tennants, we went out with a double reefed main and full genoa.
Got he boat going over 6.5 knots with little angle of heel.  I did not want to spook the guys who have never sailed.

The guys took; turns on the helm.

Derek had to catch a flight at 9pm, and Chris was going to drive him to the airport, so we headed back about about an hour of sailing to drove them off.  We heard later the Derek made his flight.

After dropping the guys off, we headed back into the city.

I had to goto ACE at National to retrieve my car keys that I left on the raceboat the night before.  The guys got to see the boat.

We headed into the harbour sans sails.  We parked just outside the exclusion zone and watch a couple of Porter planes come in for a landing just above the mast!

We toured a couple of the islands, but it was dark.  We passed Island Yacht Club and Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

We anchored on the other side of Ward Island and cooked up some steaks on the BBQ.  After about half an hour we headed back to tour the north shore of the Toronto Harbour.

We got in at 11:30pm.  

Good time was had by all.

Trip Odometer: 19.05 miles
Moving Average: 5.0 knots
Moving Time: 03:49:00

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

C22 Whitby Race Night

Guest blogger daughter Melissa.

My Dad's working out of town this week so it was John, Chris and me (Melissa).
BEAUTIFUL sunny evening, with wind to boot! A rarity this summer.

We decided to put up the #1 jib and racing main. Course was a 1 medium. We had NO BEER.

We had our best start of the season, crossing the line right at the gun. For a couple of minutes we were keeping up with Cheeky Monkey... what a thrill!

Around Mark 1, John sacrificed his Tilley Hat.

We kept our speed around 4 to 5 knots + throughout the entire race, except for the downwind leg, which we lost a lot of time on. On the final leg from 5 to 9, we tacked too early a couple of times and had a few "surprise tacks" due to wind shifting... it was an eventful leg!

We finished, thirsty and Maclaysless, 4th of 7 boats and agreed it was one of the best races of the year so far! Though not quite as eventful as the last time we sailed without my Dad...

On the way back in we looked for John's Tilley Hat, with no success. On the plus side, the sunset was lovely.

Back in the club I kept up the tradition of a beer being spilled every race night.

4th of 7 boats in corrected time.

I will get the track info off the GPS this week.

Track: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/2014/20140827.kmz

ACE Wednesday Race Night at National

Michael Ahearn picked me up from EYC to drive to NYC to race on ACE.

Only 5 of us to race ACE

  • Me
  • Kris
  • Micheal
  • Jenny
  • Barb

We went out anyway, but didn't fly a spinnaker.  Winds were about 12 knots from the NW.

Was a nice night on the water

J/80 under spinnaker


Note rear stantion

In the last picture notice the damage we sustained last month in a collusion with another boat; to be fixed in the off season.

Couple of photos from Barb:

I did NOT bring my GPS, but started a GPS tracker app on my phone:

National Yacht Club is hosting the Shark world championships; LOTS of Sharks on the wall

Monday, August 25, 2014

ACE Delivery from EYC to NYC

Met Kris and Michael Ahearn at EYC a little after 6pm.

We delivered ACE back home to NYC from EYC.

Winds were light about 4 knots, but right on the nose, so we motored the entire way with Michael driving.  We did not want to spend several hours sailing in light winds on the delivery.

Michael on the helm


ACE Transom

Coming into National Yacht Club

Impromptu having a ball
Coming into National, we could see there were some people on Michael Cullen's Impromptu (Ericson 35) that he keeps on a mooring ball at National.  Barb, Jenn, and Peter were aboard, so we rafted up for a beer and a chat.

We took ACE to her slip, and headed back to EYC with Kris' car.

Trip Odometer: 4.52 miles
Moving Average: 4.7 knots
Moving Time: 00:57:00



After having big Still Time at Mimico Cruising Club (MCC) for the weekend, I decided to move her across the bay to Etobicoke Yacht Club (EYC).

I had emailed MMC last week about getting a slip for the week; no response.

I finally called and got the OK from the club manager.

Peter and I came in on Friday night at around 8pm, and got assigned a slip.

On Saturday Rita was harassed by the MCC dock master to move the boat to another slip, while I was out racing on ACE. MMC had left a voice message on my phone to move my boat, but I could not get a hold of anyone from the club to return the call.  The slip that the dock master told us to take was taken, so we stayed in our assigned slip.

Coming back from dropping Rita off last night, I could not get back in the gate, and parked my car at EYC.

The wireless keys they gave me did not work.

I emailed and called MMC today, and they have NOT got back to me.

Tonight at 4:30pm after work, there wasn't anyone in the clubhouse to talk to.

What a PITA.

Over to EYC, and the dock master assigned me a nice slip right in front of the clubhouse.

Closer to the clubhouse, parking, and showers.

Wifi that works.

Gatepass to get in and out.

Plus I can stay for free for the rest of the week.

I would like say that the algae is always greener on the other side of the bay.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

ACE EYC Open Regatta

The EYC Open Regatta is a weekend regatta that is on the IRC circuit that is billed as the IRC Lake Ontarios.

Our IRC certificate limits the number of crew to 8

  • me (jib)
  • Kris (driver)
  • Michael Ahearn (pit)
  • Jenny unners and spin trim)
  • Peter (jib)
  • Tom (tactician)
  • Andrew (bow)
  • Don [Andrew's Dad] (main)
Winds were forecast for 10-15 from the SE all weekend.

We were put in the IRC 1 fleet with the big boys, Farr 40, Beneteau First 40.7, C&C 115s, etc.  The only boat we gave time to was Xoomer Express from NYC (X-35).

Day 1 we went with the #1 and racing main.  We did really well upwind, keeping close to the Farr 40 and others.  However, downwind with a fractional chute, we sufferred and lost ground. We were sailing the boat above its polars for the wind speed and angle, but not enough wind to make up the difference in sail area downwind.  

On our first downwind leg of the first race, we forgot to attach the clew of the spinnaker on the hoist, and ended up ripping the bottom panel on our biggest spinnaker.  It was still usuable, but will have to have a panel replaced.

We came 6th of 7 boats after three races.

We all agreed that this is best we have had the boat moving.

The Saturday party was FUN.

ACE in Hole went down all too quickly.

Tom putting our class flag on the backstay

View from ACE at sunset

Day 2 was another beautiful day with winds 15-20 from the SE.  We went with the #2 and full main, along with the smaller red chute.

We did really well in the first race, coming in 5th place.

We had lots of mistakes in the next race and came in last.

For the last race of the day/regatta, we decided to switch up roles.
  • Me (driver)
  • Kris (runners)
  • Jenny (runners)
  • Poter (jib)
  • Andrew (main)
  • Tom (bow)
  • Don (jib)
  • Mike (pit)
I have to admit that I was a little nervous driving ACE in a racing situation.  The boat was balanced and was a dream to be on the tiller.  Any weather helm was corrected right away with the traveller.  Tacks were quick and fast with the #2 jib.

It is amazing being on the tiller when the boat finds its groove.  Coming out of a tack, the boat just accelerates as the crew slowly brings the jib in.  You watch the speed climb up to 6 knots, as the jib is trimmed right in, and the boat jumped to over 7 knots on our first upwind leg.

We were in a tacking duel upwind with Maggie Kelly a green Beneteau First 40.7.  On the first cross, we were well behind them.  On the next cross, I had to fall off slightly to duck them, and missed their transom by THREE feet!  We were the starboard boat!

At the windward mark, we got inside of the C&C 115 at the mark with overlap and quickly tacked toward the mark.  I was concentrating too much on the C&C 155 off our stern, and not with the mark.  We ended up touching the mark, and had to do a penalty turn, so the C&C 115 pulled ahead off us.  It is amazing how quickly ACE turns; she will spin on her axis very quickly, so we only lost about 2 boatlengths.

On the 2nd spin hoist, the red chute got caught in the hatch, and ripped; another repair to be done.

At the end of the day we finished 6th of the 7 boats in our class.

Another IRC regatta behind us.  The boat is getting faster and faster each time out.

We left ACE on the visitor's wall for delivery back to National on Monday.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gosling's Inflatable

While at a bar in Halifax, I managed to pickup an inflatable bottle of Gosling's Rum.

Gosling's Rum was a sponsor of the Route Halifax Saint Pierre, and a great contributor to hangovers while drinking Dark N Stormys (Gosling's Rum and Ginger Beer).

Always a rebel

Good Passenger on a delivery

Dark N Stormys
Can even pilot a sailboat
Now a fixture on ACE.

Friday, August 22, 2014


I am racing on ACE in the Etobicoke Yacht Club Open Regatta.

Peter Smith is crewing with me too.

Peter and I sailed Still Time to EYC to use as a hotel for the regatta.

Since EYC will have as many as 100 boats to accommodate for the regatta, I decided to get a slip with the Mimico Cruising Club, which is in the same bay.

I was looking at the forecast, only 4 knots of wind from the NW and was thinking it would be nice to have an asymmetric spinnaker for this delivery.  As I came to the dock, Peter had brought his ASYM and sheets.  Great minds think alike!

We set out from Whitby with the 4 knots right on the nose.  We motored with just the main for a while, waiting to the wind to pickup or change.  After a while, the wind shifted a little more north, so we hoisted the asym.


Tack attached to bow roller

We got the boat moving about 5 knots for about an hour.
After a while, the winds died, so we doused the chute down the main hatch

If only Rita saw this!

We hoisted a couple times when the winds picked up and ultimately died.

It was VERY foggy:


After a while we didn't even bother with the main

We had to watch for salmon fishemen and dodge them coming out the fog.

We could only muster about 3 knots of boat speed with the chute, so we motor sailed along between 5 and 6 knots at a lower RPM.

Nearing Toronto, we passed the T2 Buoy off the Leslie Street Spit, which was also the turning mark for the Whitby 50:

T2 Buoy

Peter doing a Captain Morgan with a bottle of Goslings

Love this picture

Passing Toronto Island


Other than the fog it was an uneventful delivery.

The autohelm worked great!

We arrived a little after 8pm.

Still Time @ MMC the next morning

Trip Odometer: 32.12 knots
Moving Average: 6.0
Moving Time: 05:21:00

Track: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/2014/20140822.kmz