1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Thursday, October 28, 2021

CS34 Winter Cover Take II

On my way to the club, I stopped a 3 places to get some plumbing antifreeze.  Everyone was sold out.  Found some at the Whitby Home Depot and bought the last jugs they had.

Got to the club in the afternoon and the winds had picked up from the east, and blew the middle and aft sections of the cover off!

Someone had gathered it up and put it under the boat.

Inspected the cover, and no further damage!

Rita helped me get the cover on this time without incident!

Patch Phil sewed on

Spent the afternoon:
  • winterizing plumbing
  • winterizing motor
  • winterizing deck wash
  • winterizing head
  • putting boom under the boat
  • putting dodger/bimimi frames under the boat
  • filled the fuel tank
  • charging the batteries
Used 4 gallons of -50 plumbing antifreeze ($20), and 1 gal of -100 environmentally friendly antifreeze in the motor ($15).

Fuel tank was at 1/4 full, so completely filled the 80L tank with 60L of diesel.

Three 20L yellow jugs.

In the meantime a cold SE wind was stiring up Lake Ontario:

All that is left to do is move the mast to the racks and now that the boat is empty clean and oil the inside teak.

Mast now moved to the rack:

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

CS34 Winter Cover

Last week I dropped my winter cover off with WYC member Phil to repair a couple of holes from last winter.  The centerline of the cover rubbing on the ridge pole is wearing thin.  Phil put a 12" wide swath of fabric along the ridge to strengthen it up.  Will definately extend the life of the cover.

Got down to the club around 11am: beautiful sunny day!

Tshirt and shorts

Cover already on NanCS

I got the PVC pipes on the lifelines, then Rita helped me get the frame up.

Secured the individual frames to the toe rail, and lifelines with tie wraps.

Rita and I also:
  • Removed the folding wheel
  • Removed the princess seats
  • Removed the Vbirth cushions to go home
  • Washed the black streaks off the hull
  • Dropped the anchor/chain/rode to the ground
  • Removed whisker pole under boat
  • Removed dodger/binini frames
  • Hooked up shore power
Phil also suggested adding some protective foam to the ridge:

$26 from Home Depot

Then on with the cover:

I had an incident with the front section: while pulling it back, it caught on the ridge pole and poked a hole in the canvas:

Frig the Friggin Frick!

Off with the front section, and dropped it off with Phil who was still at the club.
He will repair it tonight so I can put it back on tomorrow!

Sunday, October 24, 2021

CS34 Bottom Cleaning

With the boats hauled out, it was time to start working on the winter layup. 

I spent some time taking the water out of a friend's boat Sumac.  Peter is away in Scotland, so I used my buckethead shopvac to take about 25 gal of water from the bilge.  Sumac would be hauled out near the end of the day.

First went over to the 22, and spent a couple of hours emptying the interior, and power washing the bottom.

By 3pm, the east crane had moved to another location, so I was able to also powerwash the 34.

Further inspected the hull damage from the anchor:

You can see where the anchor chain was dragging on the hull below the waterline:

Just knocked the VC17 bottom paint off.

Here is there the anchor was rubbing:

Only on the port side.

Close up view:

Burned through bottom paint, epoxy barrier coat, and started on the fiberglass.

Could have been worse.

Nothing that a bit of sanding and some Interprotect 2000 epoxy barrier coat won't fix.

She cleaned up nicely:

I will be putting the winter frame and cover on maybe Tuesday.


CS30 Damaged Rudder

There was a CS30 new to our club with a report of a damaged rudder.

Here is what a rudder looks like on a CS30:

Here is the damaged one:


By the looks of it with the barnacles on it, it had been like this for a while!

CS34 Haulout 2021

Got down to the club at around 7:30am as the 34 is the 5th boat hauled out.  They usually start at 7am, and I knew they were going to take some docks out first.

First out was Razorbill at 7:40am:

With a draft of 7' 6", they had to be pushed through the mud to the launch ramp.
Just look at the mud on their keel:

Got down to Still Time at the dock at little before 8am:

Removed the electrical power chord, untied the lines, and went out for tour of the harbour waiting for my turn.

Left the dock at 8:01am, and got to the launch ramp at 8:43am:

Click for BIGGER

Heading to the launch ramp at the boat in front of me Skana was being lifted:

Shore crew board the boat:

Slings to on:

...and off she goes:

It was almost 9am when they were done hauling out Still Time.

As soon as I could, I inspected the damage from the partially deployed anchor:

Just knocked some of the gelcoat and epoxy barrier off.
Not too bad, should be an easy fix.

Friday, October 22, 2021

C22 Haulout 2021

Got to the club a little after 7am, as little Still Time was the 8th boat to be hauled out.

First lift was at 7:30am in the breaking daylight and the moon:

At 8:30, the crane's slings moved into position for the lift:

...and lifted her out of the water

By 8:45am she was on her cradle.

I spent the rest of the day breaking down the 22's mast, and tackling the 34's mast:

They are ready to move the mast racks, but couldn't be done with the ongoing haulout activities.