1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Main

The used racing genoa I got from sailmaker Joe Waters from North Carolina is awesome.  Joe gave me a call to say that he also has a prototype laminate heavy #1 for sale also.  Not good for racing, but a good sail to have in the inventory.  He sold it to me for a very good price. 

He also talked about his newly re-designed racing main:
  • New Dimension carbon fiber Laminant 4.3oz
  • almost see through
  • 2 full battens (and 2 partial)
  • slab reef (shallower than standard)
  • flattening reef
  • cunningham
  • loose foot
  • bolt rope luff
  • leech/foot lines
  • sail numbers
  • C-22 class logo
Decided to order the sail, and have it delivered in a couple of weeks.  My old main is original (29 years old) is sooo bagged out, you have to reef really early.

So totally new sails for Still Time this season: main, light #1, and heavy #1. 

Think I'll keep her.

2011.08.30 Newcastle on Santeria

Neil, Peter, and I, winds from the SW, 10 knots with 20+ knots gusts, waves 1-3 ft.  Full main and #1.

We effed around a lot at the start, and determined that there was a wind hole closer to shore by the west mark.  We purposely ran the line on port tack, going offshore, while the rest of the fleet went inshore. Payed off as there was a LOT more wind out there.  We led the entire race until the last two minutes when the larger Cajun and Wind Dancer took us just before the finish.

We really had the boat moving!  Sometimes, the toe rail was 8" below the water.  On the last broad reach leg, Wind Dancer was catching us, and took the inside track to the finish.  We luffed up our sail to try and tack through their stern at the finish, but, they were in our dirt, and slowed the same.  Kevin slowed too, allowing Cajun to finish first further inside of both of us.  We finished 10 seconds behind Wind Dancer.

Trip Odometer: 14.30 miles
Moving Avg: 6.8 knots
Moving Time: 01:50:53

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110830.kmz

Whack of folks from the club converged on the New OldCastle House, including Jeannette all the way from Scotland.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Autohelm Update

I picked up my old Autohelm 800 used for $200 a couple of years ago.  It performs well when not in a following sea, or heeled over too much.  The crazy glue fix this spring to re-attached the stepper motor gear has held up well.  In the extreme weather on Sunday, I could not use the autohelm, and I guess I left it in auto mode not hooked up to the tiller.  Normally it would scream when the actuator is at its limit, however, with all the wind and rain, I didn't hear it until we got to ABYC.  I guess it overheated.  When you turn it on, it just screams an alarm.

I took the unit apart, and a voltage regulator IC had become de-soldered from the motherboard of the unit.  I had a guy at work who used to fix circuit boards for a living re-attach it and clean up and solder traces.  The board is a little warped where the IC de-soldered, but looks OK.  The only way to test it is to re-install and try it out.

VR IC circled (click to enlarge)

I also took a look at the insides of  the newer ST1000+ I got on Kijiji, and to my surprise, the outer shell and internal mechanisms are exactly the same.  The only difference is the motherboard has an LCD on it, and can interface with NEMA/Seatalk wind/speed/chartplotters.  I don't have any of these, so no big deal.

If the old autohelm is still functional, I will sell the new one to Neil on Santeria.

UPDATE: the repaired Autohelm works fine!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011.08.27 Jack Layton Memorial

Short handed race in honour of Jack Layton who's funeral was today.

The night before I took apart my dead autohelm.  To my surprize a power intergrated ciruit has become de-soldered from the mainboard.   May be able to fix it; they may be some heat damage to the motherboard. I went onto Kijiji and a guy was selling a gently used newer Raymarina ST1000+ for about half price of new (no tax).  Emailed the guy right away, he was accross the harbour at Port Whtitby Marina.  Had all the parts with box, manual, electrical fittings, pin, and bushing.  With the postponed race, I was able to get it hooked up.  If I do fix my old one, I will sell the new one to Neil on Santeria.  New autohelm performed flawlessly; as an added plus, it can interface with a chart plotter!

Skipper's meeting at 10am, race posponed because of fog and no wind.

Skipper's meeting at 11am, race posponed because of lack of wind.

Skipper's meeting at 12pm, race on to mark near Pickering Nuclear and back, starting at 1pm.

We had about 10 knots of breeze from the south, everyone went non flying sails.
Full main and #1.

Everyone was port tack at the start, I was over early by about 5 seconds, and had to come back.  Oh well, would have been in everyone's dirty air. Did get the boat moving at over 6 knots most of the way to the mark, about 5 minutes behind the rest of the fleet. The new #1 is AWESOME!. Did my tack to make the mark, and the wind completely died!  It took less than a hour to get to the mark (2pm). Three hours later the race was abandonded.  It took me three hours to go 1.4 miles!  Looking at the GPS, I was stopped for 38:31.  No wind at all.  When the race the was called, I was going to try my spinnaker, but there was NOTHING! 

Took about an hour to motor back.

Trip Odometer: 14.23 miles
Moving Avg: 2.9 knots
Overall Avg: 2.6 knots
Stopped Time: 38:21
Moving Time: 04:55:02

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110827.kmz

Had a nice BBQ with the Newcastle folks at the gazebo.  Then went out for a sunset cruise on John's 38' powerboat.  Probably had 15 people on board.  It was great.

A make up race will be held on Monday September 5th.

Friday, August 26, 2011

2011.08.25 Whitby Race Night

Rita was busy, and John had to back out, so I took Still Time out single handed.  Autohelm is fubared, so I knew I would have my hands full. 

It had been blowing all day 20+ knots from the south, so there were 3-5 ft waves out there.  At the dock, I setup a reef in the main, and hanked on the storm jib (85%).  As I got into the bay, Neil from the sailing school is saying to put in a double reef, which I did.  Got out in the channel, turned the motor off, and found there wasn't enought sail area with the waves, could only get about 2 knots of  boat speed between crests.  Shook the 2nd reef out, little better. Changed the storm jib to the #3 (110). 


Still could only get about 3 knots of speed.  Started the motor to get to the committee boat.  The wind had dropped significantly, so I swapped the jib for the genoa, then finally shook the reef out before the starting gun.  Being singlehanding, I started on a port tack away from the traffic, but even with full sail, I could not get much forward motion with the waves.  Had to duck some starboard tack boats at the start line.

Had a fairly good race, kept very close to most of the fleet.  Legs two and three were reaches, and had the boat going over 6 knots most of the time.  As I went to windward, the headsail halyard popped out of its cleat not once, but twice.  What a pain!  Lost a lot of ground!

There were thunderstorm and tornado warnings issued for after 9pm.  Back over land in Pickering, the thunderstorms had already started, and I was the last leg of the short course, and the wind was diminishing.  Many boats started their motors and withdrew, but I was determined to finish.   According the the GPS, I had 5 mintues to the finish, so I radioed the commitee boat.  The winds were flukey, shifting 60 degrees, up to 12 knots, down to 3 knots.  After 10 more minutes, the GPS said I was 6 minutes from the finish.  The lightning strikes could be seen on land north of Ajax.  The wind filled in and I was able to cross the finish line in darkness.

By this time, the lightning strikes were north of Whitby.  I started the motor, dropped the genoa and main.  When I went forward to take off the headsail, the boat would lose its way, and would would be pointing back to the middle of the lake.  Tried this three times, then throttled the motor back, and was able to wrestle the genoa off the forestay and throw in the cabin (with the other two jibs!).  I quickly bungied the main the boom, and motored as fast as possible back.  I was surfing waves, and hit 8.6 knots on the way in.  Lightning strikes where happening all over place on land. 

Rita met me at the slip, and we quickly got the three headsails folded and put away before it started raining as we put the main sailcover on.

I had used all my sails and reef points.  Sure glad I was NOT in the spinnaker class!!!

Beer sure tasted good in clubhouse afterwards!

Came is 2nd in my class, and this put Still Time in 2nd for the series.

Trip Odometer: 9.35 miles
Moving Avg: 3.4 knots
Moving Time: 02:46:02

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110824.kmz

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2011.08.23 Newcastle on Santeria

Neil, Brian, and me.  Was stuck in traffic coming from Etobicoke, so Neil had the boat ready for us to go out right away. Full main and #1.  Our start kinda sucked, but were we 2nd to the first mark behind Cajun.

Wind was 8-10 from the SW, and built to maybe 15 knots.
The last two legs were reaches, REALLY got the boat moving at close to 7 knots.

2nd accross the line, but we probably took Cajun on corrected time.

Trip Odometer: 9.31 miles
Moving Avg: 5.0 knots
Moving Time: 01:54:12

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110823.kmz

Sunday, August 21, 2011

2011.07.21 Ontario Place to WYC

Slept in until 9:30am!!!
Slept soundly!!!

Quick shower, breakfast on the boat, got some coffee when Ontario Place opened at 10am.
I had got gas for the trip back last night before the concert.

Checked the weather on my phone, and wasn't supposed to rain, some chances of isolated thunderstorm in the late afternoon.

Went exploring on Toronto Island:
  • Hanlan's Point (no comments please)
  • Toronto Island Marina (went in for a coffee)
  • RCYC (drove by)
  • QCYC checked out all the slips
  • Outer Harbour Marina
Got around Leslie Street Spit at around 2pm, and got the #3 and a reefed main, and were COOKING along at 6 knots with the wind on the beam from the south at about 8-10 knots.  It was good to be sailing instead of motoring.

After about 10 minutes, it started raining, and the sky back torward Toronto looked terrible.  We took the sails down, and bungeed the jib to the life lines.  No sonner than that, BOOM, full on lightening all around us, could not see the shore, wind picked up from the North about about 40 knots.  Autopilot was messing up, so I had to steer manually, and decided to head into ABYC until the storm was over.  Things turned to worst when the bungee cords let go and the jib went up the forstay in the 40+ knots of breeze.  I got Rita to steer the boat into the wind, let the jib sheet fly, and scurried up on the foredeck to wrestle the jib down and bundle it up, throwing in the port lazerette.  I have NEVER seen that much wind and rain.  We pulled into ABYC and tied up for a bit to get dried out.  We decided to have diner there in the clubhouse.  At 5pm, the skies were clear, and we headed out to Whitby under motor. 

The conditions were perfect for sailing (10 knots wind from the N), but gusty, and the skies were threatening, so were didn't bother with the sails.  In the mess the storm, the autohelm was not working any more, so I had to actually steer the boat the rest of the way for 3 1/2 hours.

Rainbow Off Scarborough bluffs (right at Whitby!)
Arrive back at 9pm. Used about 10 litres of gas.

Trip Odometer: 37.96
Moving Avg: 4.9 knots
Moving Time: 07:44:48

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110821.kmz

Interesting seeing the exploring we did of the Toronto Island AND the path we took after the storm hit!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

2011.08.20 WYC to Ontario Place

Left a little aft 10am, wind on the nose, didn't even bother with the wails, motored the ENTIRE way.

Trip Odometer: 29.25
Moving Avg: 5.2 knots
Moving Time: 05:37:12

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110820.kmz

Slip at Ontario Place
As we pulled into out slip, we could hear Blue Rodeo playing.  We quickly checked our tickets, it was a sound check!  Had a nice diner at the Marina Grill right before the crowds came.

Blue Rodeo was good as always.  Steve "Copperhead Road" Earle opened (boaring G-C-D-Am).  Seats were great, about half way up the second section.  Blue Rodeo was too loud, especially near the end (NO I AM NOT GETTING OLD!)  Think they are a band in decline, as Greg Keelor went off the stage for probably 1/3 of the songs (propably to take hit off a bong!)  Still a great time, just the same.  Apparently it rained during the concert, because the roads were we going back to the boat.

The boat was very rocky in the Ontario Place slips.  The docks are floating, and the waves were come from the SE.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011.08.17 Whitby Race Night

Went at lunch to Nats Marine and bought some 1/4" sheets for the new sail, as the grommet won't my accomodate my existing sheets (rope is too big).

Got to the dock at about 5pm and started preparing the boat to get out.  Leff the dock at 5:30pm to try out the new sail.  Boat really powered up without much heel.

Wind were 5-8 knots from the SW, with 1-2 ft waves. 

New genoa is different, but in a good way.  Can't sheet it right it because I THINK it was designed for C-22s WITHOUT stantions and life lines; they just got in the way.  I could point a lot higher than my old #1 WITHOUT losing speed.  However, the luff was terrible; I could not tension the genoa, even when head to wind.  Hooked up a genoa cunningham with a block on the stem and 3/16 line run back to the mast.  Still not enough.  Really think a halyard winch is required to tension the luff.  The new sail was easy to tack, and held its shape really well.  I definately have to replace the tell tales are they were frayed and sticking.  The new sail required the genoa cars to be moved forward about one foot.

I went out single handed with full main and the new sail.
Boat really powers up without heel.
New sail kept on poping the genoa halyard out of the jam cleat.
After the 3rd time, I pounded the halyard into the cleat with a screwdriver.

Can you say rope clutch and winch for the cabintop?

About 3 minutes before the start, I was passing the committee boat on starboard tack, and decided this was how I wanted to start, so I went to tack back, but there were other starboard boats coming in, so I had to tack 180 degrees to avoid them.  In the process, I lost my winch handle overboard.  I didn't realized it until I went to tack back the other way to the start.  Trying to harden up, and couldn't find the nice lewmar winch handle.   The gun goes off and I am by the committee boat TRYING to harden up without a winch handle.  Then I see the handle FLOATING by the committee boat.  I do a 180 to come back and pick it up.  I guess I got lucky to not lose my only winch handle, but messed up the start.

The new sail is geat to windward; I could point much higher than my competitors.  With the waves, I cracked off slightly for more power.  Autopilot didn't like the waves, and could not keep a course.  Poled out the new sail to windward on the downwind leg; AWESOME.

As I was beating to the finish on a port tack, I had to duck a blue Viking 28 that had already finished.  Brutal!  Then I had to sail through their dirt too!

Think I finished 2nd last, but may have taken some boats on corrected time.

After the race,  I dropped the new genoa on the deck and rigged the spinnaker.  Was able to get 6.5 knots of boat speed with it.  Had to do a gybe, and it worked well.  I was pleased.

Took me a while to get the boat to bed; flaked the main, and packed the spinnaker, but I could not fold the new sail on the dock by myself.  I carefully folded it and put it in the cockpit.  Later Rita help me properly fold it and put it in the sail bag.

Trip Odometer: 11.53 miles
Moving Average: 4.0 knots
Moving Time: 02:54:59

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110817.kmz


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011.08.16 Newcastle on Santeria

Neil, Peter, and Me on Santeria.  Full main and #1 (170%)  Winds were 6-10 knots from the NW.
Only three boats: us, Cajun, and Patricia.  We came in second a couple of minutes behind Cajun.

Trip Odometer: 7.21 miles
Moving Avg: 4.7 knots
Moving Time: 01:31:48

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110816.kmz

2011.08.16 New Sail

I ordered a new to me sail from Joe Waters Sails in North Carolina.  Joe is a Catalina 22 racer, whos sails are used by the boats finished first to fifth in the Catalina 22 Nationals last year.  This was Joe's own sail and is two years old.

My sail was delivered to US Address in Niagara Falls NY.

Left work early to avoid the traffic.  When I got to the Queenston Lewiston bridge, the signs said 30-60 minute border wait times.  I was 4 km from US Address, and it took 45 mins to get through.

Didn't have to pay any duty or tax on it, but they did search my car.

After racing in Newcastle, I got to try it out on my boat before it got too dark.  It is a crisp carbon fiber scrim tri radial 150% genoa.  You can almost see through it.  The fit is PERFECT.

Click for a bigger version
The cut is different from my old one in that the clew comes up over the windows (see photo).  Definate deck sweeper.  There are a lot more hanks than my old #1.  The sail has a cunningham grommet.

Can't wait to try it out tomorrow night.

After we carefully packed the sail in its bag, I took Rita and her mother for a motor around Whitby Harbour and out into Lake Ontario.  Almost a full moon, beautiful!

2011.08.14 RCYC to WYC

blah blah blah

2011.08.14 Coug Sunday

blah blah blah

2011.08.13 Coug Saturday

blah blah blah

Friday, August 12, 2011

2011.08.12 Coug Friday

Got up at 7:30am, and met Mark for breakfast, had a shower.

RCYC dockmaster opened at 8am and said that they won't have any slips until all the boats are in after racing.  Told him great, I'll pull into Coug's slip for the day, then head to QCYC.  When I was moving my boat he came over and said he won't be able to have a slip for me.  Brought Still Time over, and there was room in front of Coug!  Ran aground there (soft mud), but had a slip for the weekend.

Left the dock at 9:45am, and headed to the course which was 5 miles out:

We went out by the western gap and back by the eastern gap.

R1: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110812-1.kmz
Last place, we made some mistakes

R2: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110812-2.kmz
2nd last, beating Sula Sula, getting better.

R3: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110812-3.kmz
4th place!  What a great race!

BBQ diner was great (and the beer),  but the sun had whacked me, and I was asleep on Still Time by 10pm.

Trip Odometer: 37.29 miles
Moving Average: 5.0 knots
Moving Time 07:24:18

RCYC Toronto Skyline


2011.08.11 WYC to RCYC

Rushed home from work, got some clothes, gas, beer, and ice, left Whitby at a little after 4pm.

Winds were from the NW about 10 knots.  Reef in the main and 110.  Could do about 4 knots pounding in the waves, but wouldn't get to RCYC until midnight, so I started the motor to get up close to 6 knots.  As I got past CBYC, the waves were smaller, so I stopped the motor and could keep the boat over 5.5 knots sailing on a close reach.  Sailed until the Leslie Street spit.

Got in a little after 9pm, and docked on the visitors dock.  Met up with Mike and Mark for a drink.

Trip Odometer: 27.03 miles
Moving Avg: 5.2 knots
Moving Time: 05:12:05

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110811.kmz

2011.08.10 Whitby Race Night

Wind was forecast from the west 12 knots with gusts to 26.  Got down early to tighten up the shrouds; good thing, one of the forward lowers was missing a split ring.

My hockey buddy John came down to crew.  I got the motor started, and asked him to get the bow lines.  As we pulled out of the slip, I thought I was stuck on the bottom, and gunned the motor.  John had left the starboard bow line on.  People at the dock had a good laugh!

Double Reef and #3 (110), we sailed out to the start close to six knots.

We had a bad start, but did stay out of the crowd near the committe boat.

When the wind gusted, we had water come over the coming as the boat healed over!

On the downwind leg, we poled the jib to windward, but took it down too late, and got all messed up at the mark.  Oh well.

Had a blast.

Trip Odometer: 12.54 miles
Moving Avg: 4.9 knots
Moving Time: 02:33:59

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110810.kmz

Sunday, August 7, 2011

2011.08.07 Cobourg

Slept like a log!
Woke up at 8am, got showered and dressed.

We had 14 people from the club at the Buttermilk Cafe in downtown Cobourg.
Always good there!

Noticed some algae scum on the waterline of Still Time, so I borrowed an extendable long handled scrub brush from Don.  When I was ALMOST done, the brush separated from the handle, and went into the water.  Two blubs, and it was sinking like a stone.  I jumped in the water after it with my clothes on, but was too late!  Luckily, I had taken my phone out of my pants pocket before starting!  Now I have to buy two long handled brushes!

Left Cobourg single handed at 2:30pm.  Motor sailed with main and jib for a while, but the wind had swung to the nose.  Only about 3 knots of wind.  Dropped the sails and motored along at a little over 5 knots.

Got pelted by rain off Port Hope.  Went down in the cabin, with autohelm doing the steering.  Poked my head up every 5 or 10 mintues.

Wind started picking up by Westleyville, but it was off the nose, and a lightning storm quickly came through.  Same drill, down in the cabin.  MAN IT WAS HOT, so I hooked up the AC fan to the inverter to get the air moving.

Between Oshawa and Whitby, I brought the sails up to dry them with my apparent wind.  Got the sails away, and boat tidied up.

Arrived a little after 9pm.

Trip Odometer: 35.99 miles
Moving Avg: 5.8 knots
Moving Time: 06:15:30

Burned about 8 litres of gas.

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110807.kmz

Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011.08.06 Cobourg to Newcastle

Agar cup race from Newcastle to Cobourg starts at 10am, so left WYC at 6:45am
Wind on the nose, what little there was; motored the entire way, no sails.

Trip Odometer: 16.24 miles
Moving Avg: 5.6 knots
Moving Time: 02:53:31

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110806-1.kmz

Arrived at 9:55am, race delayed until 11am.

Lots of wind, pehaps 8-10 knots, took the time to play around, getting ready to start the race.  Went VERY close to shore past the Newcastle lighthouse.

Trip Odometer: 4.86 miles
Moving Avg: 4.8 knots
Moving Time: 01:05:00

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110806-2.kmz

Great start, wind still on the nose.
Decided to stay near shore and sail the rum line.
Full main and #3.
Was working well because as you came into shore, the wind was building off the cliffs and got a lift towards the finish.

When the wind died, I switch to my patchy #1, got me going.
However the sail tape let go after about 10 mintues.

Tried repairing it twice, but it would not hold.

Could not get the boat moving more than 2 knots with the #3 (wish I had the new #1 I ordered!)
Got stuck in a bad wind hole around Westleyville that took a couple of hours to get out of.
Boats that were far out were moving a lot faster, so decided to change tackticks and head off short past Port Hope.

Last one on the water, ETA to finish is 10pm.

Finished at 10:08pm, got a slip on D dock beside Don and Judy.

Finished in third accross the line, and third in corrected time.
Shhhh, only three boats finished the race!
Many started their motors and headed into Cobourg in the late afternoon.

Trip Odometer: 31.9 miles
Moving Avg: 2.9 knots
Moving Time: 11:27:22

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110806-3.kmz

Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011.08.03 Whitby Race Night

It was raining all afternoon, it was cold and miserable.  Winds were from the NE 8 knots with gusts to 16+.  3-4 foot waves were coming from the SE. 

I went out single handed with my foul weather gear on, reef in the main, and the 110 jib.

Waves were too much for the autohelm to handle.  I had waves breaking over the cabintop (I had the crib boards in!).  Lots of things got wet in Still Time: carpet, bedding, and pillows.  Good thing I had my phone in its waterproof case!  Rita would DEFINATELY not have liked this.

Perfect amount of sail, the boat was flying!  I did tack too soon to make the first windward mark, and had two Viking 33s (Sumac and Paroose) from the class that started 5 minutes after me on a starboard tack screaming to the mark.  Had to delay the tacks to make the mark until I was sure I could duck behind them.

An open cockpit Martin 243 called Black Shadow went to harden up to go upwind, and got hit by a strong gust.  The boat turtled on it side and all three guys went in the water, with several boats heading to the mark behind them.  The race was immediately abandoned by the race commitee (good job!).  Several boats got the crew out of the water, got the boat rightened, and sailed her back in.

A DNF is better than a DNC.

Trip Odometer: 9.54 miles
Moving Avg: 4.5 knots
Moving Time: 02:08:12

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110803.kmz

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011.08.02 Newcastle on Santeria

Just Neil and I, 3 knots SW wind forcasted.
Leftover waves from the afternoon winds made sailing difficult.

Four boats.

Race called after 45 minutes; see what happens when Peter doesn't show up?

Trip Odometer: 1.91 miles
Moving Avg: 1.4 knots
Moving Time: 01:20:12

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110802.kmz

Monday, August 1, 2011

2011.08.01 First of August!!!

After spending a windless Sunday in the land yacht in Prince Edward County (twas nice!), Rita and I ventured close hauled west.  NW winds 8-10 knots with gusts to 15-20.  Reefed main, and 110.  Should have put a 2nd reef in as most of time the main was doing nothing.  However, putting a 2nd reef in involves removing sail slugs, and re-routing clew reef line to the 2nd reef point!

We flew at over 6 knots most of the time.
Got fairly close to shore off Ajax into less then 5 ft of water before we turned out.

Got to the mouth of Frenchman's Bay, before turning around to head back for Pier 8 BBQ!

Beam/broad reach all the way back, fast!

We hooked up to a WYC anchor ball for a while, it was awesome!

Trip Odometer: 19.92 miles
Moving Avg: 4.5 knots
Moving Time: 04:25:09

Google Earth track: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12535935/Still%20Time/20110801.kmz