1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Sunday, May 31, 2020

CS34 Launch Prep

Spent the entire day from 10am until after 5pm working on the 34.

It was sunny and warm (16 degrees C), but there was a strong north wind that made it cold.  Had to switch to long pants and a hoodie.

First thing I did was lift the cover on deck to expose the hull sides.

Manually washed the hull with dawn dishsoap to remove any grime.
Next, went over the hull with Spray Nine, as it removes any of the residual wax from last year.
Thoroughly rinsed the sides of all soap/product residue.

Went over any spots on the hull with Aquabuff 2000 and a lamb's wool pad on the buffer.
In past years I have done the entire hull, but honestly it didn't need it.
The compounding with Aquabuff 2000 is like sanding with wet/dry 2000+ grit sandpaper.

Next applied my goto wax:

This stuff is expensive at $35 a bottle, but works excellently!

Applied in 3-4 ft sections of the hull, then buffed out with a new lambs wool pad.

Well worth the effort.
My shoulder and arms are very tired.

Next it was onto painting the bottom.
I ran a wet scotchbrite pad over the entire bottom.
Masked off the waterline, and painted the bottom with VC-17.

Turned out really well.
Used one can of VC-17 (very thin coat).

Launch is still two weeks away, but I am leaving the cover on, as the willow trees above the boat make a MESS of the deck:

In the meantime, the club brought our dock over in position:

Nice to see that they have completed the new dock electrical and plumbing on time.

Things still left to do before launch
  • remove cover and frame
  • clean/polish/wax transom
  • remove glycol from motor
  • put anchor/chain/rode in locker
  • docklines and fenders

Friday, May 29, 2020

Delivery of a Tanzer 22 for friend

Spent the day delivering a Tanzer 22 for friend Scott

Picked the boat up at Presquille Yacht Club in Brighton, Ontario, delivering it to Port Whitby marina.

Tanzer 22 weighs 3,000 with trailer.

My Colorado truck had no problem towing it.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

CS34 Waterline Stains and Barkeepers Friend

Waterline scum is a problem on any white hulled boat.
It is really noticeable on Still Time:

This is after powerwashing, and washing with soap.

The only thing I have found that will take this off is Oxalic Acid in the form of Barkeepers Friend:

It is like $4 from Canadian Tire.

All you do is spread this gel on the stains and let sit for a couple of minutes.
Miraculously, the stains just wipe off!

One final touchup was done with a Magic Erasure product.

This is after a buff and wax of the hull

CS34 Rudder Repairs

I damaged the rudder on the 34 during haulout last year:


Damage is not too bad:

First I took a random orbit sander to the damaged areas:

The damage was limited to the fairing on the bottom of the rudder.

Next I mixed up a small batch of  Interlux Watertite Epoxy Filler:

Basically, you mix an equal amount from each tin on a piece of cardboard, and spackle it on:

I let it cure for 3 days (Covid-19 yard restrictions), then sanded it smooth:

Turned out pretty well.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

2020 Sailing Season BACK ON

The provincial government is now allowing yacht club and marinas to open to prep our boats for the 2020 season!

Launch is now set for June 12/13 2020.

The Whitby Yacht Club has announced a schedule for access to the yard.
The yard is split into three groups: red, yellow, blue.
Boats on the hard are tagged with a colour to ensure compliance to social distancing.
The clubhouse is closed.

The Still Times are both YELLOW, so I can go work on them every third day.

It is still not known when will will be able to sail our boats.

Friday, May 1, 2020

There's Still Time for the 2020 Boating Season

This weekend was supposed to be our regularly scheduled 2020 launch.

The Ford government just announced:
"Marinas may also begin preparations for the recreational boating season by servicing boats and other watercraft and placing boats in the water, but not open to the public. Boats and w atercraft must be secured to a dock in the marina until public access is allowed."
So it appears that Monday May 04, the lockdown on access to the club will be lifted.

Don't know when launch will be, but there is lots to be done before the club can launch boats.

Time will tell.