1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Thursday, October 29, 2020

CS34 Winter Cover

Spent much of Monday pressure washing the 22 and 34.
Took all day.
Helped Walter winterize his boat.

Spent much of Tuesday winterizing big Still Time.

  • ran anti freeze in the motor
  • drained the hot water tank
  • bypassed the hot water tank
  • drained the water tanks
  • winterized the plumbing
  • winterized the head
  • winterized the anchor locker washdown pump
  • cleaned the black streaks on the hull



Black streaks are GONE

Works better than the 3M product.

Great product; like it so much I bought a 4L jug.

Was hoping to get the cover on but it was blowing 25+ knots from the south.

Spent some time taking the mast apart on the 22

Wednesday was cold and rainy; NO BOATS FOR ME.

Today Thursday was warm 8 degrees C with sunny periods.
NE wind maybe 6-8, PERFECT for putting the cover on.

Took all day single handed following the same as last year:


Got it done around 5pm just as the rain started!

Had an issue with the little ladder I have been using to get onto the transom of the boat:

Luckily I was only on the first rung!
Into the metal recycling bin it went.

The Spinlock clutch for the spinnaker halyard is broken:

Luckily you can still get parts for it:

Spinlock XA


Update: the rudder repair from the spring has held out fine!

Before disconnecting the batteries, I made sure they were fully charged:

Sunday, October 25, 2020

CS34 2020 Haulout

Got to the boat after 10pm last night.

The overnight low of 3 degrees C plus there was an east wind that was blowing through the companionway hatch louvers.  I put a towel over these louvers, but the Dysan plug in heater couldn't get the cabin warm.

I moved the heater into the V-birth and closed the doors before falling asleep in comfort.

Up at 7am, and it was still fairly dark:

Walked over to the club house to get checked in and get a hard hat.
Still Time is the 6th boat scheduled to come out.

The crane crews first took a couple of the docks out and put them on land before they got to lifting the first boat at 07:44am:

I went for a toot around the harbour!

Trip Odometer: 2.7 miles
Avg Speed: 1.8 knots
Max Speed: 6.3 knots
Moving Time: 01:30

I picked up Walter at our dock to come along for the ride:

We are after this boat:

Then onto land as the crane and crews got her ready for the lift:

Every year I am impressed with how the crane and crews do this!

Start of lift was 8:42, and they were removing the straps at 8:45!

I was back home by 9:30am.

Friday, October 23, 2020

C22 2020 Haulout

Slept on the 34 because little Still Time is the 9th boat out and the lifts start at first light (just after 7am).  Staying on the boat make it easier because you can park on the property.

Woke up before the alarm at 7am.

Motored the 22 over to the haulout area.

Man it was FOGGY

Parked her right beside the haulout dock (was there @07:25):

Got checked in and got my hard hat:

The crews moved her over when it was time to lift:

KEWL foto of the crane in the fog:

Start of lift @08:50:

The keel looks fine after dragging her through the mud last week:

Matter of fact it is faster because the bottom of it is polished!

GOPRO battery died so no video.

Stitched together some of the still photos into a GIF.

Meanwhile at National Yacht Club in Toronto, the race boat Zamboni was hauled out by Michael:

You can see the CN Tower in the background.

We didn't paint the bottom this year (Covid delayed start), plus she was not sailed much, so the bottom was rough!

Thursday, October 22, 2020

CS34 Hull Identification Number and Mast

Spent the afternoon getting the mast cleaned up and put the rack.

Found these markings on the mast that I have never seen before:

Wonder what "65654" means

Mast manufactured June 27, 1989.

Wonder is this mast was made by Klacko in Oakville?

Here is the Hull Identification Number of the boat:

8268 is the hull/sail number.
Apparently, this started at 8220 for the CS34, so this is the 49th CS34 made.

The E090 means the the hull was started in May of 1990.

Which is consistent with the date on the mast.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

CS34 Prepping for Haulout

Still Time gets hauled out next Sun, Oct 25.

I was hoping to get another sail or two in, but...

  • Over the weekend it was blowing 25-30 knots
  • Mon was cold and rainy
  • Wed/Thu cold and windy with much rain

That left today sunny warm, north wind 6-10 knots.
Should have gone out for a sail, but we had lots to do.
You don't want to be taking the sails down wet, or in a ton of wind.
So today was perfect.

We got down to the club in late morning.
Rita started taking the canvas off:

With all the rain we have had, the mainsail in the stack pack holds much water, so we hoisted the main shaking the reef out from the last sail:

Wind was on the beam so we had to sheet the main way out.

Also unfurled the jib:

We let them dry in the wind for maybe half a hour, while Rita continue on the canvas, and I took the stack pack and lazy jacks off.  Also pulled all the lines forward to the mast, and loosened all the turnbuckles on the shrouds and backstay.

Dropped the jib to the deck:

...and flaked it on the dock.

Then onto the main:

Took the battens out as we dropped it, then flaked it on the dock.

The loose footed main is lashed to the boom slug:

Going to get this fixed in the off season.

We took most of the cushions off the boat.

We motored over to the pump out dock.

Did a quick final pumpout, and removed the boom, storing it on land.

Mast came down in probably 15 minutes:

Helped a bunch of other boats take their mast down including long time sailing/hockey buddy John's brother Mike who is wintering his CS30 called Black Magic at WYC this year.

Spent some time cleaning up Still Time's mast on the lawn.  Will move to the mast racks maybe on the weekend.

Getting out of Still Time's slip was a challenge with the water levels.
Depth sounder said I had 5ft of water at the slip (Still Time draws 4.5ft).
Had to plow through the mud to get out of the slip.

Keel tracks on the bottom.
The rudder was clear of the bottom.

Other than removing the rear bimini frame and the outboard, Still Time is ready for haulout.