1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Thursday, June 18, 2020

CS34 Mast Tuning

Got to the club around noon and proceeded to mount the boom and run all the lines back to the cockpit.
At haulout last fall, I accidentally pulled a reefing line and lost it in the boom.
I had to drill out the rivets and remove the end boom casting to get the line back.
Didn't take too long.

Onto tuning the mast

All the shrouds were just hand tight:

First I made sure all the turnbuckles were even (have the same amount of thread):

Had to loosen and balance several of them.

Now to start tensioning the rig:

Left if the lowers
Right is the uppers
Middle is the cap shrouds

I first started with the cap shrouds tensioning them evenly on both sides.
The cap shrouds attach at the second spreader.

Made sure the mast was plumb by running the main halyard to each side.

Sighted up the mast to make sure it was straight:

You can see how straight the grove for the mainsail is.

Next onto the upper shrouds.
I tensioned the one side and sighted up the mast:

Just look how the mast is bent at the top to starboard.
Tensioned the port side until the mast was straight.
Checked again with the main halyard to make sure the mast was plumb.

Next tensioned the lowers.

Then onto tensioning the front baby stay, and major tension on the back stay.
This put a nice amount of pre-bend in the mast:

Rita and Shadow came down to the boat with the canvas

Shark 444 from the club owned by Marisa went out for a sail:

Meanwhile we put most of the canvas on the boat:

And Shark 444 came back in under spinnaker

Monday, June 15, 2020

CS34 Masting

Last week I had got the mast off the racks and onto the saw horses.
I had put the spreaders and shrouds on and cleaned up the lines.
The mast was basically ready to be put up.

On Tuesday night, a major wind storm came through the club and blew down like 6 masts off their saw horses.

It crush the combination steaming/deck light:

The entire unit would need to be replaced.

Also bent the TV antenna bracket on the top of the mast:

I was able to bent it back with various screw drivers, hammers, and pli
This antenna was added after the first season we got the boat, but I have never hooked it up inside the boat to watch TV.  Will need it with the NHL playoffs happening in August because of Covid-19!

Good thing I didn't attach the expen$ive masthead wind instrument!

The mast crane was shutdown over the weekend for the 3 day launch, and I couldn't work on the mast because of launch Covid-19 yard restrictions.

On the Monday after launcgh, I to the club in the early afternoon.

I pickup up an LED deck/steaming light from Port Whitby Marine Supplies for $39.

The mounting screw holes didn't line up, so I riveted it to the mast.

Another casualty of the fall was one cheek block for the lazy jacks:

new on bottom
old at top
The cheek block was crushed and would not spin.
Luckily I had a spare onboard and was able to rivet it in place.

Brought the boat over to the mast crane and up she went:

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Whitby Yacht Club 2020 from the Air

We got these photos from the Durham police helicopter.

These photos were take after the second crane launch was done on Saturday.

You can see the boats on the hard that are going to be launched on Sunday.

Click for BIGGER
The Still Times are on dock 8 (the east most dock).
The CS34 is the yellow up arrow.
The C22 is the yellow down arrow.

Very KEWL to see!

CS34 Launch Leak

After getting back to my slip, I noticed that the bilge pump was coming on like every minute.

Checked the shaft seal: nothing

Checked the motor intake thru hull: nothing.

Checked the bilge and sure enough, there was water streaming into the bilge and was regularly being pumped out.

Went into the head and under the sink where the head thru hull is:

Turns out I have taken the head intake strainer apart last fall, and didn't re-assemble it.
Water was streaming into the bilges.

Quickly turned off the sea cock (bottom right of video above).
Was quick fix.

Took to the time clean out the area here and the bilge.

Filled the water tanks and got the water systems up and running including hooking up the hot water tank.

Diesel tank is 7/8 full:

Engine Hours:

Life is good!

CS34 Launch 2020

Next up was the CS34 to go in the water for 2020.

I got to the club at 7am, they had not lifted a single boat.
They had to put some fingers in for the docks closest to the clubhouse.
I had to disconnect the shore power cable and mount a GOPRO on the bow pulpit.

GOPRO on bow pulpit

Still Time was boat #11 to go in the water and got the straps on a little after 8:30am.

Looks like a video, so here is a video from the ground:


Here is a video from the GOPRO mounted on the bow pulpit:


Went for a little tour of the harbour:

Trip Odometer: 0.8 miles
Moving Time: 00:14:21
Moving Average : 3.3 knots

Here she is at her slip:

Friday, June 12, 2020

C22 Launch 2020

Still Time ready to launch:

Normally I put a GOPRO on the bow, but the battery was dead.

YouTube clip of the launch:


Motor started on second pull.

Went for a small toot into the harbour:

GPS Track
Trip Odometer: 0.3 miles
Moving Average: 1.6 knots
Moving Time: 00:13:14

Still Time at her slip:

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

First Sail of 2020 on Tanzer 22 Happy

After Scott helping me all day with my boats, we went across the bay to the marina to get out for a sail on his new Tanzer 22 called "Happy".

Scott had her put in last week, and over the weekend got the mast up, and sails on.

This would be his first time on the water with the new boat.

After a SHITSHOW leaving the dock (Scott is not used to the tiller yet), we got the sails up in the channel, where we had SOME wind.

Once we got out the channel, we realized that the only wind out on the lake was our own wind apparently.

It was nice to be out on the water.

We did motor around the slips at the Whitby Yacht Club.

GPS Track

Still Times Ready for Launch

Had sailing/work friend Scott come down to the club to give me a hand at 10am.

In a couple of hours, we got the cover and frames off.

After this, we used the electric windlass to get the anchor/chain/rode in the locker

After this we ran the anti freeze out of the motor.

We folded up the cover and put in my truck.
Will deal the the frame pieces after launch.

Big Still Time is ready to launch short of:

  • fenders
  • lines
  • steering wheel
  • shore power cable
Will do on Thursday.

Next we went the little boat and replaced the pintel screws with some blue locktight to keep them from backing out.

Last year, the 22 was put hastily on the cradle without a board underneath the keel.
As a result, I could not back the rear pads off to paint underneath them.
I had brought a car jack.
We propped a 4x4 between the jack and the transom, and raised the boat up about 2 inches to get a 2x4 under the keel.   This allowed us to drop the pads and paint the remainder of the bottom.

Little Still Time is ready for launch short of 
  • fenders
  • lines
  • gas for outboard
Will do on Thursday.

Next we went to the mast rack and got the mast for 34.
We got the lines all sorted out, and the spreaders and shrouds on.
All I have to do is wash the mast and tape the spreaders, and the mast is ready to go up.

Thanks for all your help Scott!