1990 Canadian Sailcraft CS34 Shoal Draft
Sail #8268

1982 Catalina 22 Fin Keel
Sail #10506

1994 MUMM 36 ACE
Sail # 29206

Sunday, April 27, 2014

CS34 Rudder Position Sensor

The new autopilot has inputs for a rudder position sensor, so I got one; apparently the autopilot performs better with it.  It also lets the autopilot knows the limits of rudder travel.  The autopilot commissioning routine showed that the rudder moves 38 degrees to port and starboard.

Plus, the rudder angle is displayed on the autopilot control head.

I fabricated an addition on the rudder post out of plexiglass and angle brackets.  I screwed the sensor to a small piece of plywood, and used construction adhesive to glue to the bottom of the cockpit with some wood screws.

Works great!

This still picture shows the rudder in center position

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