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Sunday, July 30, 2017

2017 RBC Canadian Open

The 2017 RBC Canadian Open was a blast this year!

I got there on Tuesday night and had a great slip on the east side of the river by the club.

Buddy Neil who I have marshalled with for 9 years now came down by car on Wed for the Pro AM.

Just a short walk to the club in the morning to have a shower.

Across the river were two BEAUTIFUL sailboats:

Jolina and My Fair Lady

Jolina is a Saber 456 (my favourite boat).

My Fair Lady is a Trip 45 that raced in the Whitby 50 a couple of years ago against ACE.
We beat them.

Both of the boats were immaculate!

KEWL shot of Still Time at the dock:

The ProAM was great, and we slept on the boat well on Wed night.
There was a night south breeze coming up the habour to keep us cool.

I met Ron Maclean (HNIC) in the the change room (member at The Oakville Club)

Thu was the start of the action on Thu AM on the 16th tee blocks:

16th tee before the action started
We got to Glen Abby a little after 8am, and worked the morning shift.

Having the afternoon off was great as we drank black russians in the rain

... and did it rain;  the afternoon shift got taken off the course because of thunder and didn;t get off the course until 9pm!

On Friday morning I had to move the boat across the river to another slip:

Because the bridge was out on Lakeshore for rebuild, we just drove over to the club for a shower before heading out to the course.

Didn't take a lot of pictures once the action started, but here is a picture of Vijay Singh:

On Sunday, my least favourite golfer Charlie Hoffman was in the lead.

Here is my Charlie Hoffman story from the 2007 Bell Canadian Open:
I was working the par 5 13th hole in the valley.
You have to cross the creek two times to get to the green.
On Saturday, Charlie was one of the only players who tried to get there in two.
His 2nd shot went left of the green into VERY deep rough.
Working the green I went over to were his ball was and pointed at it.
Charlie came RUNNING across the bridge and accused me of stepping on his ball.
He called for a rules official and got a drop.
I lost all respect for him doing this: CHEATER

Back to this year, on the 16th Charlie was two strokes behind last year's winner Jhonattan Vegas.

I two told two guys my story and they went to the tee block, and they yelled "CHARLIE HOFFMAN YOU SUCK" after he hit his drive!  PRICELESS Hoffman birdied the 16th to be within one.  He missed his birdie on 17 to tie, and then birdied the 18th to force a playoff.

In the playoff, Vegas beat him with a birdie.

It was an enjoyable week at the Open.
The weather was great.
The marshalling team I worked with were great!
The outcome was great; KARMA got Charlie in the end!

Can't wait until next year!

I will bring Still Time back to Whitby tomorrow morning.

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